How many strands of hair a graft normally has?

Different questions are being raised by fans and followers of Dr John Watts are flooding his series of hugely popular educational videos with queries related to hair transplants and hair growth issues.

In this educational video, noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answers select shortlisted questions of viewers related to hair growth, hair hall and hair transplant.

FAQ: “How many strands of hair a graft normally has? 

This is a frequently asked question from hair transplant patients and general viewers. In his response, Dr John Watts explains that usually, one hair graft has one or two strands of hair on average.

“However, sometimes, they may have three or four strands of hair. Usually, those we call as having better hair growth are the ones who grow or are naturally endowed with more strands of hair,” said Dr John, adding that in one’s teenage, more strands of hair per follicle are seen. “But, as they grow old, some strands of hair shrink.”

D Rajulaiah asks: “Is non-surgical treatment necessary after a hair transplant procedure? 

In his response, Dr John Watts tells Rajulaih that non-surgical treatment is not usually recommended in normal situations after a hair transplant. Only in exceptional circumstances, non-surgical treatment is recommended.

“If there is no proper hair growth or there is hair thinning in the donor region or if the quality of hair growth is not good enough, we recommend non-surgical treatment after a hair transplant procedure,” he informed.

However, the use of Minoxidil, if advised for such a patient, is asked to discontinue for a few days after non-surgical treatment.

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