Alopecia Totalis Hairloss: Causes & Symptoms

There is little chance of recovering from hair loss and induce hair regrowth if one is diagnosed with alopecia totalis – a hairloss condition that causes baldness of the entire scalp region.

Though this hairloss condition is known to be triggered by a faulty immune system response, alopecia totalis causes need further research studies to arrive at the root of the problem.

Often, alopecia totalis hairloss condition gets confused with either alopecia areata or alopecia universalis but both are entirely different from the former.

While alopecia areata causes localised baldness on the scalp, alopecia universalis is a more serious version as in this condition, the entire body loses hair.

Even in alopecia totalis hairloss condition, chances of hair regrowth with hair fall medicine remains remote if treatment is delayed.

This makes it all the more important to understand the signs of alopecia totalis so that corrective alopecia treatment can be initiated on time.

With Trichos the advanced hair loss diagnosis technique, our hair restoration surgeons in Hyderabad not only accurately confirm alopecia totalis induced hairloss but also initiate the right alopecia totalis treatment.

Alopecia Totalis Treatment in Hyderabad

Trichos hair transplant center in Hyderabad provides state of the art facility for treating all types of hairloss conditions including alopecia totalis.

Once Alopecia totalis hairloss condition is clearly diagnosed, treatment with drugs to control hairloss can be initiated to prevent further loss of hair from the scalp.

The drugs mostly used for alopecia totalis treatment are immune-suppressant drugs and steroids including corticosteroids & minoxidil.

Immunotherapy – which involves strengthening one’s immunity to help hair follicles fight disease – is also an emerging technique that’s used for alopecia totalis cure.

Though body hair transplant can be explored for those diagnosed with alopecia totalis, chances for a hair transplant surgery is remote as it is dependent upon availability of donor area on the scalp.

There’s also another option in the form of artificial hair replacement systems that those severely affected with alopecia totalis can opt for.

This technique is most suitable for those thinning hair men with a very advanced level of baldness conditions due to alopecia totalis, alopecia universalis or as a result of chemotherapy.

For best alopecia totalis hair regrowth, book a session with Trichos hair restoration experts today.

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