Best Food to Prevent Hair Fall & Promote Hair Growth

Are there any special food or diet that one can have to prevent hair fall is a common query encountered by Dr John Watts – one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad – from his patients. 

In this educational video, he enlightens the viewers about nutritional food that are commonly available and can boost hair growth and prevent hair fall when taken regularly.

With over 1900+ successful hair and beard hair transplant surgeries to his credit, Dr John Watts is known for his straight talk among his patients. 

“Sometimes, patients tell us that they do not want any vitamin/supplements prescribed to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. Instead, they want to know how they can achieve the twin goals with naturally available food items,” he says.

However, it is a myth that merely taking a balanced diet or Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) would prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. 

“They are useful for normal functioning of our body. Hence, supplements may be required sometimes as the body gives the least priority to the hair over other important organs when it comes to the distribution of the nutritional intake,” explains Dr John Watts.

However, if one is not interested in taking additional nutritional supplements prescribed by the hair expert, Dr John Watts says that even in that scenario certain foods can be taken instead to get the desired effect.

Fruits for Healthy Hair:

Instead of packaged fruit juices, Dr John Watts underscores the importance of taking seasonal fruits instead for best results.

Banana: The biotin and potassium content in a banana is known to promote thick and shiny hair. 

Lemon Juice: The Vitamin C present in lemon juice is known to increase iron absorption. It has a rich source of antioxidants, which keeps the scalp healthy.

Papaya: Papaya is known for keeping hair shiny and smooth.

Gooseberry: Gooseberry too is known for its positive impact on hair health.

Watermelon: Watermelon is known to be a natural DHT blocker that is known to prevent baldness.

Guava: This fruit is a rich source of riboflavin that promotes hair growth.

Dry Fruits for Healthy Hair:

In general, dry fruits are known to be a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty acid, which is good for hair health. While everyone cannot eat them at once, Dr John Watts advises his viewers to have them on a rotation basis.

Walnuts: Walnuts are a rich source of Omega 3 Fatty acids, biotin, magnesium and selenium, which prevent baldness and help in hair fall control.

Almonds: Both roasted and raw almonds are good promoters of hair growth and help in controlling hair fall. They are good sources of calcium, magnesium, fibre and riboflavin. 

Pumpkin Seeds: They are good sources of zinc, iron and trace elements. They are known to be good for healthy hair.

Flax Seeds: They contain selenium and zinc that are considered effective for hair fall control.

Peanuts: They are eaten raw, roasted or in the form of ‘Chikki’. They act as a natural DHT blocker and help in baldness prevention.

Best Food to Prevent Hair Fall & Promote Hair Growth

Vegetables for Healthy Hair:

In the list of regular vegetables that promote healthy hair, Dr John Watts especially lists out the following:

Tomatoes: They are known to be rich in lycopene, which is known to inhibit DHT that reduces the chances of baldness.

Soya: They are known to be rich in vitamins & minerals. They help in preventing hair loss.

Sweet Potatoes: They are known to be rich in copper, magnesium, vitamin D and beta carotene – all of which promote hair growth.

Spinach: They are a rich source of iron & help promote healthy hair.

Paneer: They are known to be a rich source of protein. Keratin, a protein, helps in strengthening hair.

Pulses: They are rich in zinc and protein – important for hair growth. 

Bell Pepper: They contain vitamin A, B6 and Vitamin D. They are a rich source of lutein that promote hair health.

Carrot: They are a rich source of vitamin A, beta carotene and antioxidants, which keep the hair naturally conditioned.

Mushroom: They contain pantothenic acid that helps in thicker hair growth.

Non-Vegetarian & Dairy for Healthy Hair:

In the video, Dr John Watts advises the consumption of protein-rich foods such as eggs, chicken and seafood like Salmon fish, which contains natural DHT blocker properties that prevent hair fall. Dairy items like curd too promote hair growth.

Conclusion: Dr John Watts signs off the video by urging the viewers not to be choosy or selective about the items listed above as adequate nutrition is needed to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.

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