Can Head wash with hot water cause baldness

Many viewers following Dr John Watts' popular YouTube channel videos leave several queries related to hair transplant, hair growth and hair loss for him to answer. While it is not possible to answer all the questions, Dr John Watts picks up a few questions in this educational video.

With over 1900+ hair transplants, Dr John Watts is a noted trichologist, dermatologist and one of the top hair transplant experts in Hyderabad known for his straight talk on different aspects of hair transplants.

PR Rooster asks: I want to use hair fibre, but can it be the cause of hair fall or damage my existing hair? Are there any side effects to its use?

In general, the use of hair fibre is meant for those who have thinning hair. The hair fibre gives perfect cover for those with thinning hair but is not known to leave any adverse side effects. “Allergic reactions to using of the hair fibre is very rare. Generally, they are perfectly safe,” informs Dr John.

However, Dr John Watts urges hair fibre users to follow certain safety cautions. “If one has used hair fibre all the day, it is always better to wash it in the evening as unwashed hair fibre can block the pores of the scalp and affect the blood supply. They also accumulate the oil,” says Dr John Watts.

Naveen G asks: Sir, in one video you said we must consume eggs for hair growth, while in another video you said one should avoid eggs. Which is correct?

In his response, Dr John Watts reiterates that eggs are good sources of protein and protein is good for hair. “What I might have said is that one must avoid eating raw eggs,” clarifies Dr John.

Known to be a fad among bodybuilders, Dr John Watts informed the viewers that raw egg whites contain a protein called avidin that is regarded harmful for hair growth. “You can consume boiled eggs or egg curries, but try to avoid eating raw eggs,” he informs.

PMD V asks: Sir, will there be any difference to my hair if I use hot water using a heater or geyser?

Whether the hot water is from a geyser or a heater will not have any kind of impact on the hair “However, ensure that one should not use very hot water on the scalp. Use only lukewarm water for a head bath,” informs Dr John.

Shinchan asks: Sir, I am using Minoxidil lotion. While taking a head bath I get a rough feel to my hair. Why is it so?

Minoxidil lotion/oil is good for hair growth. It ensures adequate blood supply to the scalp and helps in the growth of baby hair. However, while taking a head bath, one may get a rough feel to one’s hair.

 “This is perfectly normal,” clarifies Dr John.

Nagadurgamma K asks: Sir, Can I do heavy workouts in the gym while using Minoxidil? Can workouts lead to hair fall?

There is absolutely no connection between hair loss and one’s workout in a gym. “If one is noticing hair fall after joining a gym, one must consult a dermatologist. There could be other reasons but gym training has nothing to do with one’s hair fall,” informs Dr John.

With regard to the use of Minoxidil, he added that while using it one may engage in heavy physical exercise. There is no bar.

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