Is Redensyl a Safe Natural Alternative to Minoxidil Without Side Effects?

With the alcohol-based Minoxidil containing chemical compounds as its composition, some hair loss patients look for a natural and safe alternative that comes without any side effects.

Being a plant-based compound, Redensyl is looked up to as a natural alternative to Minoxidil but far is this true? Does it have no side effects?

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – examines the characteristics of Redensyl and enlightens viewers about its qualities. He has successfully performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures so far.

Redensyl: Features

Redensyl is a plant-based compound that is known to come with the molecule 'dihydroquercetin-glucoside or DHQG'. “This naturally available molecule is known to promote hair growth, control hair fall and revitalize the hair,” said Dr John Watts.

Besides DHQG, the other notable compounds present in Redensyl include EGCG 2, Zinc Chloride, Meta-bisulfite and Glycerin. “There are two types of Redensyl that include Redensyl Capixyl and Redensyl Procapil,” informed Dr John Watts.

Redensyl: Properties

Redensyl comes up with several hair-friendly properties such as providing 100% irritation-free and non-sensitising qualities that help one to grow hair without side effects.

“It targets the stem cells of the hair follicles and increases cell division, resulting in faster hair growth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is enriched with proteins needed for hair growth,” said Dr John.

Redensyl: Four Ways it is Useful

Explaining the four different ways Redensyl is useful for hair growth, Dr John Watts lists out the following:

Faster Hair Growth:

Due to faster cell division and multiplication, Redensyl promotes faster hair growth.

Hair fall Control:

The other important quality of Redensyl is its ability to control hair fall. “In one study, it was found that the hair fall is reduced by 17% with Redensyl,” informed Dr John Watts.

Increased Blood Circulation:

Due to better and faster blood circulation, more nutrients reach the hair follicles with the use of Redensyl. “This makes the hair strong and helps in controlling hair breakage,” explained Dr John.

Hair Density:

It has also been found that the use of Redensyl increases hair density. “In one study, it was found that the anagen phase or the growth phase of hair increased by 9% with Redensyl,” informed Dr John.

Redensyl: Side Effects

Since it is a plant-derived compound, Dr John Watts said that no side effects were found with its use. “There are no hormones that can affect the hair with Redensyl adversely,” he said.

Redensyl: Usage

The different forms in which Redensyl is available in the market include shampoos, serum, conditioners and lotions. “You can use it in any form as you like,” informed Dr John.

The target patients who can use Redensyl include those who are facing first-stage hair loss or those who had trouble using Minoxidil due to some side effects. “However, we are yet to find out if Redensyl is used for the long term can it cause side effects,” said Dr John.


While concluding his enlightening talk on Redensyl, Dr John said that the use of Redensyl could be an alternative to Minoxidil but one cannot expect to grow long hair with its use. “The best alternative for such a requirement is to opt for a hair transplant procedure,” he said while urging the viewers to share the video among their friends for awareness.

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