Can STDs cause Baldness & Hair Fall?

Can Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) have any connection with baldness or lead to hair fall in any way? Can someone battling an STD get a hair transplant done? Will there be any adverse consequences?

These are some questions that Dr John Watts - noted trichologist, dermatologist and beard/hair transplant in Hyderabad - tries to enlighten the viewers of his popular YouTube Channel in this educational video.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Causes & Symptoms

In his introductory talk on the subject, Dr John Watts first explains how one may contract STDs. “When one engages in unprotected sexual activity, there are chances of contracting STDs,” says Dr John, while blaming both viruses and bacteria for the same.

The notable bacteria transmitted STDs include Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis, while viral STDs include HIV, genital herpes, genital warts (HPV), and hepatitis B.

The symptoms of STDs range from burning sensation while passing urine, genital discharge, testicular pain and lower abdominal pain.

“The best way to prevent STDs is to have protective sex. It is always best if one gets their condition diagnosed on time as symptoms of STDs often overlap with urinary tract infection,” informs Dr John Watts.

STDs & Hair Loss:

Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases like Syphilis and Chlamydia are known to lead to hair loss but not baldness. “STDs cannot be said to be responsible for baldness but they can trigger hair loss condition or hair thinning,” says Dr John Watts.

Even in the case of patients who may be taking drugs for the treatment of HIV, Dr John Watts says that there could be drugs induced hair loss in some patients.


If one has baldness and is battling STDs at the same time, is it reasonable to get a hair transplant procedure? If there is such a scenario, Dr John Watts advises in the negative.

“Your life is more important than battling baldness. One’s priority and focus should be on getting the STD treated. For baldness, though hair transplant procedure is an alternative solution, it is still a secondary issue,” advises Dr John Watts, while urging the viewers to share the video for awareness among people.

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