When Can You Wear Helmets or Caps After a Hair Transplant?

When is the ideal time to wear a helmet or a cap after a hair transplant? Can wearing caps or helmets damage the grafts if it is done soon after the hair transplant procedure?

How can one safely wear a helmet or a cap after the hair transplant? Are there any specific techniques to do so? Will it affect the hair transplant results?

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – demystifies everything about wearing helmets or caps after a hair transplant. He has successfully performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures so far.


Immediately a day or two after the hair transplant procedure, one can safely wear the surgical cap as this is what is normally advised to the patients. There is no problem if one is wearing the prescribed surgical cap after a hair transplant.

“We have to follow the safety rules while wearing different types of caps and helmets after a hair transplant as unnecessary friction can damage the hair grafts and the hair transplant results may fail,” warned Dr John Watts.

Helmets, Surgical Caps & Normal Caps: How to wear

When it comes to wearing helmets, surgical caps and normal caps safely, there are techniques and one has to wait for the appropriate time.

Surgical cap:

For a surgical cap, one can wear it immediately after a day or two of the hair transplant procedure but one has to ensure that before wearing it first stretch and loosen the cap.

“Widen it long enough to ensure it can easily fit your scalp. Start from the back of the scalp and gently wrap it before slowly bringing it to cover your front of the scalp,” explained Dr John Watts in the demonstration video.

While removing the surgical cap, one has to press the front of the surgical cap with three fingers and gently remove it from the back side after widening it loose enough for easy removal.


The problem with the helmet is that it has a hard thermocol sheet inside the helmet that can damage the hair grafts if they come in contact with them. “The ideal time to wear a helmet after a hair transplant is only after 20-30 days and not before that,” explained Dr John Watts.

He explained that one has to be very careful while wearing helmets and should ensure that the grafts are not damaged and this is possible only after 20-30 days. This is why it is not recommended before 20-30 days of the transplant. “One can cover the scalp with a bandana or a white cloth and wear a helmet after that,” he said.

Workman’s Helmet:

There is another type of helmet known as the ‘Workman’s Helmet’, which is normally worn by construction workers and engineers at construction sites. “These helmets have hollow space at the top which ensures the hair grafts cannot come in contact with its hard surface,” explained Dr John Watts.

However, even a workman’s helmet can be worn only after a week of the hair transplant procedure and not before that.

Baseball Cap:

They also have hollow space at the top and would ensure that their hard surface does not easily come in contact with the hair grafts. “Such caps can also be worn after 7 days and not before that,” explained Dr John.

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