Hair Loss Prevention From External Factors

Hair Loss Prevention From External Factors

Thanks to unverified myths, alopecia patients often assume things for granted when it comes to climatic factors induced hair loss.

Do you visit hair clinics in Hyderabad with complaints like hair regrowth getting affected due to constant exposure to hot weather, air-conditioners, dusty atmosphere, ashes, fumes and chemicals in the water?

One need not panic as not all climatic factors should compel steps for hair loss prevention for men, but the fact remains that 56% hairloss patients continue to point fingers to weather-based factors without any evidence.

The truth is that not even 5% visiting hair clinics in Hyderabad for hair fall treatment get diagnosed for climate-induced hairloss.

There is no dearth of patients blaming one thing or the other as reasons for hair loss but we at Trichos help patients separate the wheat from the chaff.

One needs to rule out climatic factors for they could be one of the causes of hair loss in men such as heavy smoking for instance. It is proven that a heavy smoker is prone to premature greying of hair.

Unlike Trichos hair transplant centre, no other hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad would give one a detailed diagnosis facility to pinpoint the exact causes of hair loss like we do.

For instance, our experts at Trichos Kukatpally can analyze your hair & tell you whether they have been excessively exposed to harmful chemicals or not.

But chemicals such as magnesium sulphate and calcium carbonate – two common chemical agents found in hard water – are sometimes wrongly misunderstood as leading hair loss causes in men & women.

But one always must stay alert. We at Trichos hair transplant centre always suggest looking out for signs of climate-induced hairloss at the earliest as a bacterial infection on the scalp multiplies if they find conducive environment.

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