Trichos: Cradle Cap Treatment in Hyderabad

Trichos: Cradle Cap Treatment in Hyderabad

Who doesn’t want healthy hair growth for one’s baby but what does one do in case of a severe cradle cap?

Known as an infant’s disease, cradle cap sees the growth of yellowish scaly patches on the scalp. But, the good news is that it is quite harmless and a self-limiting problem with the condition wearing off on its own.

In rare cases, things may go out of control due to the severity of the problem but in such an eventuality, our experts at can be your hope as effectively treat the condition with hair growth medicine.

The biggest worry for parents in cradle cap is this: Will it lead to hair loss? In general, there is no hair loss but in severe condition, there can be temporary hair loss. Yet, it is a reversible process as lost hair can be regained with hair regrowth medicine.

Cradle Cap: Symptoms The consequences look like what one notices in dermatitis but not what usually observes in . Though cradle crap effect is felt more on the scalp affecting newborns aged one to three months, this condition can spread to other parts of their bodies.

Cradle Cap: Causes

There are several causes behind cradle cap.

One includes a hereditary link that sees hormonal action triggering excess production of sebum, a fatty secretion that lubricates the hair follicles.

This lubrication binds dead skin cells to stay glued on to the scalp, giving rise to deposition of scales or flakes later.

There is also a fungal link to cradle cap as the presence of Malassezia fungus too leads to excess sebum production with the same consequences as mentioned above.

Cradle cap treatment in Hyderabad

Trichos hair transplant centre has the best expertise to treat any scalp disease with excellent outcome whether it is a type of alopecia in adults or cradle cap in infants.

Though people resort to home remedies for hair growth, they may not always work as hair growth medicine is the one that’s known to work better.

Usually, baby oil massaging and medicated baby shampoos (to wash off the effect of excess sebum production) are prescribed to control cradle cap but one needs expert intervention lest self-treatment goes out of control.

Sandhya A Dilsukhnagar

It took us time to learn that my newborn’s scalp infection was called cradle cap, thanks to Trichos. My son’s condition improved greatly soon after treatment was initiated.

Srinivas Rao Jubilee Hills

I was using home remedies for dermatitis like condition before I turned up at Trichos for a proper diagnosis and treatment. Our decision was correct as the problem was sorted out soon.

Mahesh Yadav Chanda Nagar

The solution to my hair loss condition was a DHT blocker but it took me a couple of visits to different hair clinics before Trichos expert established the DHT link during diagnosis. Thank You, Trichos.