Best crown hair transplant in Hyderabad

Best crown hair transplant in Hyderabad

The crown region is often regarded as the “no go” area by most hair transplant surgeons. Reason: The crown hair transplant results are not on the same footing as in other areas of the scalp.

In crown hair transplant surgery, the major hurdle that hair transplant surgeons face is to maintain the proper angles that decide its hair directions.

But thanks to the expertise available at Trichos hair transplant clinics, our best hair restoration surgeons in Hyderabad know how to recreate natural swirling vortex that mimics the original hair directions found on the crown.

Without any second thoughts about the quality, Trichos offers affordable crown hair transplant cost that is unmatched.

Crown hair transplant surgery: Challenges

It is a fact that being the most difficult region for hair regrowth, only well-trained and experienced hair transplant surgeons can successfully take up crown hair transplant surgery.

This is a pre-condition if one desires excellent crown hair transplant results but challenges galore for this procedure.

From the selection of required donor hair graft size to transplanting them on the recipient site at a specific angle in tune with the hair regrowth on the crown needs the skill of the highest order that hair restoration surgeons at Trichos hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad possess.

Known to accommodate more donor hair grafts depending upon the size of the baldness on the Norwood Scale, complete focus on crown hair transplant results is a serious blunder.

But, experienced crown hair restoration surgeons at Trichos are aware of this and avoid it at any cost.

Our experts ensure that the demand for donor hair is evenly distributed between the recipient frontal hairline region and crown so as not to upset the fine aesthetic balance.

The natural flow and direction of the hair on the crown too is taken into consideration by Trichos crown hair restoration surgeons in Hyderabad at every step. This aspect is very crucial or else a crown hair transplant may fail.

FUE Hair Transplant Technique: Process

With Trichos advanced FUE hair transplant one can expect the best crown hair transplant results in Hyderabad.

Only the best of the best hair grafts that match the size and quality of hair found on the crown is taken up for harvesting by Trichos crown hair restoration surgeons using advanced FUE hair transplant technique.

The innovated version of fue hair transplant technique “minimally invasive” that was improved by Trichos founder and noted hair transplant surgeon Dr John W.

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              Disclaimer: While hair transplants are generally safe and effective, as with any medical procedure, there can be minimal and temporary side effects based on specific or underlying medical condition of the individual patient. Please consult in person with our qualified medical team at Trichos for a thorough assessment of your specific condition and individualized guidance on the potential risks and benefits associated with our hair restoration treatments.

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