Stop Dandruff Hair Loss With Trichos Care

Stop Dandruff Hair Loss With Trichos Care

Untreated scalp problem can ruin your hair if hair fall remedies are not taken up as soon as the condition is diagnosed.

Dandruff hair loss is one such common problem that’s one of the causes of hair loss in women and men.

Known as flaking of skin (due to peeling from dead skin cells), it leads to dandruff hair loss when the scalp problem turns into a chronic issue.

Several reasons are attributed for dandruff hair loss. They include poor upkeep of one’s hair, too much use of hair oil, excessive use of chemicals & hair dyes.

Dandruff Hair Loss: Symptoms

Dandruff hair loss is not a sudden phenomenon as the condition leaves clear symptoms for one to diagnose it at home.

Dry Scalp

If your scalp remains dry for long, dandruff hair loss could be imminent as it leads to the accumulation of dead cells on the scalp.


When you have reddish marks on your scalp accompanied by an urge for frequent itching, it may lead to dermatitis. This happens due to piling up of flakes on the scalp, making one irritated.

Hair Fall

The rate of hair fall will increase manifold when you have a severe form of dandruff as more itching on the scalp will result in damage to the hair roots.

Dandruff hair loss: Prevention & Treatment

Usually, people try home remedies for hair loss to overcome dandruff induced hair fall but it does not often work.

There are shampoos meant for treating dandruff hair loss but only medicated products containing ingredients like zinc pyrithione are known to be effective.

But, what’s important is to get a proper diagnosis done first before initiating hair loss treatment for dandruff.

This can be done conclusively through a calilloscopy examination – a technique to find out the type of dandruff one is suffering from to ensure prescription of proper hair loss medicine including creams.

With state-of-the-art clinical diagnostic facility for scalp & hair examination, we at Trichos hair transplant centre advise hair fall medicine for dandruff hair loss control.

Many a time, dandruff hair loss becomes an inevitable process due to the neglect of right hair growth supplements.

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