Sex After a Hair Transplant

How long one may have to wait after a hair transplant procedure to engage in sexual intercourse? Or can you immediately have sexual activity after a hair transplant? If you have to wait, then how long one should abstain from sexual activity after a hair transplant?

These are some common questions on this topic that hair transplants often raise with their hair transplant surgeon out of curiosity. Some do not draw the courage to ask out of shyness but do their research.

“If you ask me straight, I would say Yes! One needs to abstain from sexual activity briefly for 7-10 days,” advises Dr John Watts, noted hair transplant expert in Hyderabad Dr John Watts, who has performed over 1900+ hair and beard hair transplants.

In this educational video, he explains the scientific reasons why one must abstain from sexual activity for a brief duration after a hair transplant.

Why need to abstain from sex: Reasons

There are various scientific reasons why one needs to abstain from active sexual activity after a hair transplant procedure. Here are some of them:

Intense strenuous activity has an adverse effect

Sexual activity is a form of intense strenuous exercise like aerobic exercise where the heart rate and blood pressure may shoot up briefly. The intense activity may affect the blood supply in the arteries that supply blood to hair grafts. In some cases, it may lead to bleeding issues.

Grafts Dislodgment 

Due to active sexual activity soon after a hair transplant, there is a likelihood of graft dislodgment if the fresh grafts come in contact with any external surface or are accidentally touched. There is a chance that such grafts may be permanently lost in the process. 

Swelling on Scalp

Due to accidental injuries during sexual activity, swelling may develop on the transplanted region of the scalp. The swelling is also possible due to the gravity action when the head is bent during sexual intercourse. 

Passive Sex

However, Dr John Watts clarifies in the educational video that any sexual activity that does not involve intense activity or is passive may be allowed with extreme caution. 

“For instance, masturbation is less strenuous than engaging in sexual activity with a partner. Though the heartbeat also increases during masturbation, one may engage in it during this brief period. There is less likelihood of any damage to the fresh hair grafts,” he informs.

In his concluding remarks, Dr John Watts urges the viewers to share the video with their friends who might have recently undergone a hair transplant procedure or planning one soon for awareness. 

Note: Please leave your queries in the comments section of the video, if you have any for Dr John Watts. 

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