Did Elon Musk Undergo a Hair Transplant?

Elon Musk is always in the news for many reasons: for the Twitter buyout, CEO of Tesla, self-driving car and mission to Mars! 

In this informative video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – examines if the genius Elon Musk had ever undergone a hair transplant. He has performed over 1900+ hair transplants successfully.

“If you look at the stock photos of Elon Musk posing with his electronic firm Paypal, one gets a distinct receding frontline and hint of genetic baldness running in his family. If you compare with his latest photos, you get to see a different Elon Musk,” explains Dr John Watts.

Mature Male Pattern Hairline:

Elon Musk has money but if you look at his hairline after the hair transplant, one can still see the hairline receding a bit. “This is a mature male pattern hairline look that is natural and would stay natural-looking even after 30 years,” explains Dr John Watts.

What happens is this: When one is one’s teenage age at 15-16 years, the hairline is very low but as one starts ageing, the hairline recedes. 

“Due to the influence of testosterone hormone, adult males experience receding of hairline at temple and front but it is a normal process. When one is getting a hair transplant, the ideal hairline one should get is a mature male pattern hairline,” advises Dr John.

Though one can get a lower hairline, it would look odd and out of place and make one a subject of ridicule and public mockery. 


In certain individuals, the hairline remains low even when one ages and stays the same even when one crosses the adulthood phase and beyond. This runs in one’s family but such cases are rare.

“The best thing to understand in Elon Musk's example is that one must listen to the advice of one’s hair expert. He is the right person to take a call as to what should be the ideal hairline. It should always be a mature male pattern hairline that patients must aspire to,” he said while urging the viewers to share the video among their friends for awareness.

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