How Far Can You Trust & Use Online Hair Products Like Man Matters?

In our hectic lives, many hair loss patients find it impossible to consult a dermatologist or a trichologist for lack of time. Being tech-savvy, they also get exposed to myriad online hair care products like supplements, lotions & creams marketed by scores of brands that promise the moon.

But, how far can you trust these online products such as Man Matters Gummies and dozens of other such products available online? Do they help in hair growth? Can Man Matters Gummies control hair fall? Can it promote hair growth in the bald area? Does its formula work for all men battling hair loss conditions?

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – demystifies everything about online hair products that are aggressively marketed and many fall for them even though their requirement may be different. Dr John has successfully performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures so far.


The marketing gimmicks always may not work in reality as each hair loss patient’s needs are unique and different from others. “The solution or treatment has to be tailor-made by your dermatologist or trichologist based on your needs. One standard formula may not work,” explained Dr John Watts.

Marketing Techniques:

Different brands use a ‘funnel process’ to reach and lure their target audience/patients using retargeting techniques that keep on repeating the ads to the visitors repeatedly following a single visit to a website looking for information on a product out of curiosity.

“Many people feel tempted to buy a product as they read good reviews of that product. But, no one knows how many people have used & benefited from that hair product after buying it online from a brand? Maybe it helped only a small number of people but it helps in building the hype,” said Dr John Watts.

Since most of these branded hair products use minor dosages, the chances of side effects remain minimal. Somehow, they may work on some people and they may experience some positive results but Dr John says that it cannot be construed that it will fit the needs of all hair loss patients.

“Unless your treatment is tailor-made based on your needs, no solution can perfectly work. It is your dermatologist who might have the answer for your problem,” pointed Dr John.


So, whether Man Matters Gummies work for hair growth? “Yes, it biotin rich and it is good for hair growth,” answers Dr John. But, will it help bald areas regain hair? “Not likely as your dermatologist can rightfully answer this question if you consult. Hair supplements usually work if your hair loss is at an early phase. In the advanced stage of hair loss, you need a different solution,” informed Dr John.

However, those who have no time to consult a dermatologist can try online products like lotions, creams or supplements but expert opinion always provides the right direction in the long run.

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