Get Help From Best Trichologists In Hyderabad For Tinea Capitis

Get Help From Best Trichologists In Hyderabad For Tinea Capitis

If you notice patchy hair loss on your scalp, uncontrolled dandruff, scaly flakes or reddish circular areas with hair loss, most likely it could be a fungal infection induced hair loss known as Tinea Capitis.

Tinea Capitis symptoms include itchiness, painful red spots, scalp inflammation and round patches leading to hair fall

The extreme form of Tinea Capitis infection leads to a medical condition known as Kerion that may expose your receding hairline with scalp inflammation faster than you think.

What you need are hair growth supplements and the best medicine for hair fall control that experts at Trichos hair transplant centre in Hyderabad offers after making an accurate diagnosis.

Caused by dermatophyte fungus, Tinea Capitis – also known as ringworm of the scalp – affects mostly children but it is one of the reasons for hair loss in adults too.

Trust Trichos hair clinics as we have the best trichologists in Hyderabad to diagnose and treat Tinea Capitis, courtesy our state-of-the-art diagnostic facility at  & respectively.

For Tinea Capitis diagnosis, what Trichos hair transplant doctors in Hyderabad do is to undertake an accurate analysis of fungal culture under a microscope to confirm the infection.

Once a clear diagnosis is confirmed, the next step is to prescribe appropriate medicine for hair fall control without which no hair growth is possible on the affected region.

Being a contagious disease, Tinea Capitis needs to be diagnosed and treated at the earliest or else it may escalate one’s hair transplant surgery cost besides affecting hair transplant results if delayed.

The best hair fall prevention from Tinea Capitis is making sure that the infected person does not spread the disease further by establishing skin contact.

Since the disease also affects domestic animals, what’s necessary is to follow hand hygiene to minimize chances of infection after direct exposure.

Hair fall control tips for not contracting Tinea Capitis include not letting an infected person use your personal belongings like towels, comb, razors and scissors.

Better to stay away from home remedies for hair loss in treating Tinea Capitis as they may not work.

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