Does Hair Gel & Hair Wax Damage Your Hair?

We have become too visually conscious these days sporting trendy beards and uber-cool hairstyles, thanks to the selfie culture popularised by Instagram.

In this craze, many youngsters get tempted to experiment with various types of chemical-laced hair gels and hair wax brands available for men to get that perfect look to click those jaw-dropping selfies.

But does such use of hair gels and hair wax damage your hair? Does it lead to hair fall or eventually lead to baldness? 

In this educational video, noted hair transplant expert in Hyderabad Dr John Watts, who has performed over 1800+ hair and beard hair transplants, explores these questions in detail and tries to provide scientific reasoning on their usage and adverse impact. 

“The treatment for baldness in a hair transplant. That’s the only option for those who are bald but those who still have hair need to be cautious and resist the temptation of using whatever hair gels or hair wax available in the market,” urges Dr John Watts.

Alcohol-based Hair Gels:

In the video, Dr John Watts mentions that most hair gels available in the market are alcohol-based. Though it does not directly lead to baldness, excessive and unscientific use may indirectly hasten hair fall, resulting in patches of baldness on the scalp.

When it comes to the way one applies hair gel, Dr John Watts says that direct application on the scalp and hair roots can be counterproductive. “There are chances for hair damage if hair gel is directly applied on the scalp. One has to apply them carefully on the hair using two fingers,” he explains.

The adverse impact one can notice through excessive use of hair gels could often lead to drying up of the scalp and build-up of flaky substances, making one’s scalp rough and frizzy hair.

“If the hair gel contains minoxidil as an ingredient, they are good for your hair as they lead to hair growth. However, using purely alcohol-based may lead to hair breakage in course of time,” explains Dr John Watts.

Hair Gels & Allergy:

In his video talk, Dr John Watts also warns of possible allergic reactions to some brands of hair gels as the immune systems differently react to different individuals, while triggering an allergy response from the use of chemical-based products.

Is Hair Wax Better:

Use of hair wax seems to be comparatively better than hair gel, says Dr John Watts, who is known for his straight and plain talk on matters of hair transplant solutions among his followers.

“If you are determined to use hair gel and hair wax for enhancing your visual aesthetics for an important event or occasion, then opt for the latter as the best possible option. This is because hair wax comes with minimal alcohol percentage and cause less damage to hair in the long run,” says Dr John Watts.

However, hair wax brands are known to be costly when compared to hair gels and their effect does not last long.

General Precautions: Hair Gels & Hair wax:

While concluding his video presentation, Dr John Watts lists out a few basic precautions in the usage of hair gels and hair wax to limit their damaging impact on the hair.

Use your two finger-tips and gently rub the gel before applying it on the hair, while ensuring it does not touch the scalp.

To minimise the hair damage from hair gels, it is better to rinse off your hair with water immediately. Then one can apply conditioner or hair serum. This will minimise the adverse impact.

Hair Dryer as Alternative:

Instead of hair gels or hair wax, there is one more alternative that one can still use and get more or less the same visual impact using a hairdryer and a comb, points out Dr John Watts while signing off.

“Using a comb and hairdryer combo one can style hair. However, always try to maintain 15-20 cm distance while using a hairdryer,” says Dr John Watts.

If one still observes hair fall or patches of baldness while using hair gels or hair wax, Dr John advises them to immediately consult a dermatologist or a trichologist.

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