Trichos: Hair Transplant Surgery Day Instructions

Once the D-day for hair transplant surgery is finalised, the patient will go through a step-by-step process before Trichos hair restoration surgeon take up the procedure.

Here is what a patient will typically face on the surgery day at Trichos advanced hair transplant clinics in Hyderabad.

1. Final Consultation The surgery won’t proceed without the patient undergoing a final check-up with Trichos hair expert analyzing all the blood test reports before making the patient sign on the customary consent form. In case of diabetic patients, extra care is taken to ensure their blood sugar levels are in control or else there could be adverse hair transplant side effects.

2. Hair Trimming The hair on the donor site is trimmed to .8mm size but it always depends upon the number of hair grafts required. If the need is for a smaller number of grafts, only a small part of the donor site is shaved. In celebrity hair transplant surgery and piloscopy, scarless hair transplant surgery entails there is no evidence of scars at the donor site.

3. Head Washing The head of the patient will be washed prior to the surgery.

4. Marking hairline This is a combination of artistry and science as hairline marking makes a hair transplant procedure visually attractive and natural. Trichos hair expert will mark the hairline with an artistic perspective.

5. Hair Transplantation Surgery The Doctor and the team will perform the procedure. Based on whether it’s a Giga or Mega session, required hair grafts would be harvested using Root by Root system. While in Giga, 4,000 to 5,000 hair grafts are extracted and implanted in an eight-hour schedule, mega session is done with less than 4,000 hair grafts in 5-6 hours. The patient will remain fully conscious and can listen to music as well as watch movies.

6. FUE Procedure We always recommend FUE or advanced FUE variations including bio DHT, bio fue or piloscopy scarless surgery combined with Root by Root system that gives one the most suited hair grafts for transplantation. The patient will eventually get a safe hair transplant without scars with natural hair regrowth.

7. Walkout with Confidence The patient can walk out the same day from Trichos hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad with confidence. We will provide complimentary Rs. 5000/- or $100 worth medicine kit. Our support center will be always open to guide the patients for post-surgical care.