Trichos solutions for unwanted hair growth

Trichos solutions for unwanted hair growth

When you have excess & unwanted hair growth all over your body or parts of your body, it is time to suspect Hirsutism – a rare disease that affects women that Trichos hair transplant clinic provides an effective cure.

Unlike treatment for hair loss in female, Hirsutism offers a problem of aplenty for patients due to unwanted hair growth on their face, chest and back.

Trichos hair transplant centre has expertise in handling complex hair growth problems thrown up by Hirsutism through our advanced laser removal technologies.

Cause & Symptoms

Being a rare condition, the treatment of Hirsutism can get delayed if one does not understand its symptoms and the factors that trigger the disease.

There is a hormone link to Hirsutism as one witnesses excess production of male androgen hormone in the patient. This peculiar problem also surfaces due to the heredity factor.

When it comes to symptoms, patients with Hirsutism induced unwanted hair growth may notice their hair turning thick & dark in texture. This is apart from excessive hair growth on parts of their body.

The other symptoms that women could take note could be changes in their menstrual cycle besides the appearance of masculine characteristics such as deeper tone in their voice, breast reduction and muscle growth.

Hirsutism Treatment

We at Trichos hair transplant centre ensure patients get the best hair transplant in including Hirsutism treatment for this condition by making available state-of-the-art technology including laser hair removal treatment system.

Since Hirsutism is triggered by hormonal changes, Trichos offers medicine to bring about balance by controlling release in androgen & estrogen levels.

Anita S Himayatnagar

I felt odd at the excessive unwanted hair growth on my face. That’s when I turned to Trichos for a solution. The advanced laser removal technology effectively resolved my problem. Thank you, Trichos

Midhun Reddy S Khairtabad

More than a doctor, Dr John W came out as a wonderful person. My hair loss condition was aptly diagnosed and treated very well. Will definitely recommend Trichos to my friends.

Avinash S Tarnaka

From the appointment to consultation to fixing the date for hair transplant surgery, everything happened in a smooth manner. The icing on the cake was excellent hair regrowth. Thank you Trichos