Involutional Alopecia Treatment in Hyderabad

If ageing makes your hair prone to breakage and appears to lose its sheen, involutional alopecia treatment is the one to focus on.

Trichos is a premier hair transplant centre in Hyderabad with a state-of-the-art facility, providing both surgical and non-surgical hair restoration procedures including medical treatment for all alopecia conditions such as involutional alopecia.

It is a timely diagnosis that makes easier for involutional alopecia treatment to be taken up as without determining the root of the problem, no hair loss condition can be treated.

Thanks to advanced Trichos Root Cause hair loss diagnosis technique, our experts can detect this alopecia condition quite easily.

There isn’t a clear-cut theory that causes involutional alopecia but it is believed that genetic factors coupled with ageing, trigger this hairloss condition.

Involutional alopecia: Symptoms

Hair regrowth takes a hit in involutional alopecia as those affected by this hairloss condition notice early hair thinning and hair fall on their scalp.

What’s worse, the hair that remains unaffected to either hair thinning or hair fall, go into the forced resting phase (Telogen) before another round of hair shedding takes place soon.

In involutional alopecia, the telogen phase plays out prominently while the other two phases in the hair life cycle – anagen & catagen – play down.

One easy symptom for determining involutional alopecia is quick hair shedding that, if not prevented with the right medicine for hair fall control in time, may make one go bald very quickly.

The best involutional alopecia treatment is to stimulate the hair that has gone into the resting phase to act normal and prevent further hair fall.

If treatment for involutional alopecia gets delayed, it is likely that one’s hair may start ageing faster at the affected site.

Best Treatment for Involutional Alopecia

Once the involutional alopecia induced hairloss is taken care of by medicine for hair fall control, a Root by Root Bio fue hair transplant procedure can be an option provided there is enough donor hair.

If not,  can be another option. For more information, book a session with Trichos hair restoration experts in Hyderabad.