Best Celebrity Hair Transplant at Trichos Kukatpally

Best Celebrity Hair Transplant at Trichos Kukatpally

Those from the visual arts industry understand that the glamour world sees ups and downs in quick succession if one is not prepared to change along with the times.

Enter celebrity hair loss treatments, a niche segment that our team of best trichologists in Hyderabad led by renowned hair transplant surgeon and Trichos founder Dr John W now cater to.

Since it’s a norm rather than an exception for film and television actors not to openly admit that they had undergone hairloss treatment, we at Trichos can’t disclose the clients we helped get a makeover with advanced FUE hair restoration surgery in Hyderabad.

We at Trichos respect your privacy and keep our focus on what all our best trichologists in Hyderabad need to do to enhance your looks & boost your overall confidence.

While ensuring complete confidentiality about our premium clients, Trichos Kukatpally’s expert team of hair specialists in Hyderabad take up the most advanced hair treatments at their convenience.

The premium service Trichos offers for best celebrity hair transplants in Hyderabad comes at a cost and involves diverting our trained manpower just for you alone.

It involves dedicated efforts by a team of professional trichologists, home visit for VIP consultations, detailed diagnostic protocol with Hairloss diagnosis & planning for the surgery.

What’s Special For VIPs at Trichos Kukatpally

When it comes to consultations for those looking to explore Dr John Hair Transplant at Trichos Kukatpally’s advanced hair clinic, we offer two options for VIPs and celebrities to choose from.

We at Trichos offer the most advanced hair restoration surgery in Hyderabad with our advanced FUE hair transplant techniques.

The ambience & state-of-the-art infrastructure at Trichos advanced hair transplant centre in Kukatpally is unmatched.

VIP Hair Restoration Surgery in Hyderabad: Options

The first option available for those looking for celebrity hair transplant service in Hyderabad at our exclusive VIP advanced hair restoration clinic at Trichos Kukatpally is an extended personal counselling time with Dr John W.

This special consultation session with Dr John W – which needs to be booked in advance through SMS, WhatsApp, phone call, email or app – involves the VIP client’s detailed baldness history taking including a peek into his or her family’s baldness history.

It soon follows with an accurate diagnosis of alopecia condition with scalp & hair follicle examination accompanied by a discussion on the available donor area & the suitable Root by Root hair restoration technique.

The second option is a privileged consultation where a Trichos hair specialist will call on the VVIP at the latter’s convenient place of his or her choice before taking up the case details with Dr John W for his analysis.

This privileged consultation – which provides complete privacy in the run-up to the celebrity hair transplants – ensures the client’s valuable time is respected.

They are saved the hassles of following security protocol if they were to make a personal visit to Trichos Kukatpally’s advanced hair clinic in Hyderabad.

Discover the perks of exploring a brand-new look with Trichos. Book a prime consultation with Dr John W today.

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