Trichos Expertise For Scalp Folliculitis

Scalp Folliculitis is one of the common causes of hair loss in men & women but more than hair fall, this condition is known to cause severe discomfort in the form of inflammation & accompanying pain.

With Trichos expertise in Scalp Folliculitis solution, we have the best trichologists in Hyderabad to help you not only get over the itching sensation but ensure proper treatment and hair fall prevention.

Delay in treatment for Scalp Folliculitis will weaken hair roots, leading to complications when hair loss remedies are used.

Scalp Folliculitis: Cause

Both bacterial, fungal and viral factors are responsible for Scalp Folliculitis induced hair loss. Hence, diagnosis is a key factor for initiating best hair treatment.

Thanks to Root Cause technique,has the best diagnostic facility for probing its exact cause.

When it comes to bacterial infections, bacteria like Staphylococcus Aureus & Propionibacterium acnes can induce Scalp Folliculitis.

Whereas fungus and viruses responsible for Scalp Folliculitis include Pityrosporum Folliculate and Mulloscum Contangiosum respectively.

Scalp Folliculitis: Symptoms

Trichos is one hair clinic in Hyderabad that believes in spreading awareness about various hair loss conditions so that alopecia patients can initiate proper remedial measures.

The best way to do it through a proper understanding of symptoms of different hair loss conditions including Scalp Folliculitis.

If you notice reddish pimples on the scalp with accompanying pain, discomfort and hair fall, it’s time to suspect Scalp Folliculitis infection on the scalp.

When you observe pus around hair follicles accompanied by a receding hairline, it’s time to seek Trichos expertise for best hair loss treatment in Hyderabad for Scalp Folliculitis.

Scalp Folliculitis: Treatment

The precondition for best hair loss treatment for Scalp Folliculitis is an accurate diagnosis of the condition first. This is done with Trichos Root Cause, our advanced hair loss causes analysing tool that can also take up a skin biopsy if needed.

This is essential as a bacterial infection would call for anti-bacterial medicine for hair fall control, but such medicine may not work for a fungal link.

Though home remedies for hair growth may likely to work for mitigating Scalp Folliculitis problem, one needs to see a hair specialist in case of an aggravated condition.

T Selvan Madhapur

Trichos has cordial staff members in their clinic. The way I was treated, I felt like a VIP. Thanks for the wonderful hairloss treatment given to me.

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The hassle-free EMI scheme at Trichos helped me get the most advanced hairloss treatment at my own convenience. The service at Trichos offered was above my expectation. Thanks a lot!

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I learnt at Trichos that my rare scalp condition was prone to misdiagnosis as this had happened in my case when I visited another hair clinic. Thanks to my friend for referring Trichos hair transplant centre at the right time.