Tinea capitis Treatment in Hyderabad

Known as a fungal infection, Tinea capitis causes hair loss in children, but it also shows up in adults in rare cases.

Though fungal infection induced hair loss like tinea capitis is a reversible and can be cured, delay in its treatment may increase its severity.

Fungal hair loss treatment is initiated only after the type of fungal attack is determined through a medical test.

The Tinea capitis treatment may include drugs or medicated shampoos depending upon the severity of the hairloss condition.

Usually, drugs like griseofulvin and itraconazole and tinea capitis shampoos containing selenium sulphide as an ingredient are often prescribed as part of tinea capitis treatment, but it depends on the type of fungal attack one suffers from.

Tinea Capitis Symptoms

For effective hair loss treatment for Tine Capitis, understanding its symptoms becomes crucial to battle the disease.

Initially, fungal infection hair loss may look mild dandruff in appearance, leaving reddish marks and scaly flakes. Sometimes, blisters are formed on the affected spots that may soon spread across the entire scalp region.

Swollen lymph nodes that appear under the ear is another sign of the presence of tinea capitis infection.

Tinea Capitis Diagnosis

Thanks to the diagnostic technique, tinea capitis induced hair loss can be determined easily by our experts before they can start fungal hair loss treatment for the affected patients.

The possibility for tinea capitis outbreak remains strong in case of schools, where crowded children are put together.

In the case of suspected group infection, what’s needed is to confirm the diagnosis with a microscopic examination as well as a fungal culture of the hair.

Based on the nature and type of fungus attack, appropriate fungal hair loss treatment needs to be undertaken.

In mild tinea capitis fungal attack cases, hair regrowth resumes at the affected spot with the use of hair fall medicine but in severe cases – where fungal hair loss treatment is delayed – it may lead to scarring alopecia that can cause permanent hairloss.

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