Best Traction Alopecia Treatment in Hyderabad

Beware! Exerting too much tension on your hair can land you in traction alopecia – a hairloss condition, where one loses hair from the scalp due to an external force applied on one’s hair for a long time.

Several factors such as wearing hair in tight braids like in ponytails or pigtails can cause traction alopecia too. It can even be caused by repeated hair pulling activities resorted to by women especially.

While sporting a tight hairstyle on occasion is not detrimental to the hair follicle, the traction alopecia problem may crop up if it becomes a daily routine.

Though traction alopecia is a reversible hairloss condition, if the treatment is delayed it may lead to scarring alopecia causing irreparable damage to one’s hair follicles.

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Traction Alopecia: Symptoms

Understanding the traction alopecia symptoms make sense as it may help the affected person to take preventive measures for further hairloss.

One must also know the difference between traction alopecia induced hair fall and acceptable limits of hairloss due to daily wear and tear, which can be in the range of 50-100 hairs a day.

Known alternatively as tight braids hair loss and ponytail alopecia, hair damage due to repeated strain on hair leaves visible symptoms like reddish marks, itching or infection at the site of the hairloss.

Initially, the early signs of traction alopecia show its effect on the scalp’s peripheral regions with hairloss in patches.

But if traction alopecia is not treated well in time, the problem may spread all over the scalp causing widespread damage to one’s hair.

Some of the early signs of traction alopecia include the following:

  • Pimples at the base of the hair under tension

  • Reddish marks on the scalp

  • Hair breakage due to strain

  • Widened hair parting

  • Itching sensation on the affected spots

Natural Remedies for Traction Alopecia

While medicines for hair fall control such as steroid creams need to be taken to tackle inflammation on the affected site, the best solution is always preventive.

This is done by keeping one’s hair free from any tension by shunning tight-fitting sports helmets & headbands.

One of the natural remedies for traction alopecia is to never pull one’s hair repeatedly in one direction.

Though it is reversible hair loss if it is in early stage as one can regrow one’s hair back, one runs the risk of a complete hairloss if traction alopecia treatment is delayed.

The following tension alopecia remedies can keep this hairloss condition at bay:

  • Always avoid a painful hairstyle

  • Always change your hairstyle often so that hair is not pulled in one direction repeatedly

  • Always wear loose braids

  • Always use fabric hair bands

  • Always tie your hair loose

  • Always consume iron-rich food to keep hair healthy

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