Is Whey Protein Good for Hair?

Is Whey protein supplement good for hair growth? Can it prevent hair loss? Does it do any good to women’s health or does it affect men’s sexual health? 

These are some common queries encountered by doctors, nutritionists, gym trainers and hair experts’ hair experts from different people ranging from health fanatics and hair loss patients.

In this educational video, well-known trichologist and dermatologist Dr John Watts – one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad – simplifies this confusion and tells viewers what they need to know about Whey protein.

General Advisory:

Before going into the details, Dr John Watts cautions viewers not to take nutritious supplement consumption lightly as doing it without consulting either a nutritionist or an expert would be counterproductive.

“If you have health goals, that’s good. But do not consume supplements without first consulting your nutritionist or your doctor,” says Dr John, who has performed over 1900+ hair and beard hair transplants successfully.

Who needs Whey Protein?

In general, bodybuilders need supplements to grow lean muscles or those looking for weight gain. But it is also regarded as good for hair growth as this protein helps prevent hair loss.

“Whey protein comes from milk. It is extracted from the watery liquid found in the milk. Whey protein is of three types,” adds Dr John Watts.

Whey Protein: Types

The three different types of Whey Protein are: 

  • Whey Protein Concentrate

  • Whey Protein Isolate and

  • Whey Protein Hydrolysate

Of the three, Protein Hydrolysate is regarded as the best one with 95% protein content while Whey Protein Concentrate is known to have the least protein content ranging from 58 to 89 per cent.

Whey Protein Benefits:

In the next session, Dr John Watts explains the different benefits of Whey Protein for hair growth. Though it is also helpful for those with different interests & goals, the focus has been kept on hair. He also rubbishes several myths about Whey protein that claims that they lead to hair loss.

“In research studies, Whey protein has not been linked to hair loss in any way yet. It is just a myth,” he says, adding Whey protein to be good for hair.

Promotes hair growthWhey protein is known to promote hair growth as the functional unit of protein that makes up the strand of hair called Keratin benefits. This results in good growth of hair. Logically, it means that when there is a lack of protein, hair loss is possible and Whey protein may ensure that this is checked. 

Skin Elasticity

Whey protein may make your skin get that shine and help keep it young and strong as collagen, the structural tissue that gives skin elasticity, may get a boost with a protein supplement. The scalp skin too would benefit from making it healthy and ensuring blood supply to hair follicles.

Whey Protein Overuse: Disadvantages:

While it has several benefits, excessive intake of Whey Protein above the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) of protein may backfire. 

“Two servings of Whey Proteins (which can be mixed with water or milk) is generally considered normal but taking it above the requirements may bring a lot of disadvantages,” warns Dr John Watts.

That’s why he insists on nutritionist advice for fixing the quantity of Whey protein that one may take based on one’s body weight.

The following are the adverse side-effects one may experience if one consumes excess Whey protein:

Gastro-Intestinal System Disturbance

Excess intake of Whey protein can upset the gastrointestinal system and one may experience a range of symptoms including nausea, fatigue, decreased appetite, headache, abdomen swelling, constipation and kidney-related issues.

Ammonia formation in Women

Excess intake of protein (Whey protein supplement) can lead to over-accumulation of ammonia among women. 

Depletion of calcium

Our body’s store of calcium can deplete fast due to overconsumption of protein. 

While Whey protein supplement is generally good for the health of the hair, in his concluding remarks, Dr John Watts expresses the view that it should not be consumed only for the sole goal of healthy hair.

“It is ok for other health goals but not exclusively for hair,” he says, while urging the viewers to share the video among their friends for awareness and leave their valuable feedback in the comments section.

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