What is the best hair colour or dye?

B Jayawardene asks: “I am taking a head bath twice a day. Is it harmful to my hair? Will it lead to hair fall?”

In his response, Dr John Watts tells the patient that taking a head bath twice a day with shampoo could be harmful but with just plain water, it may not affect or lead to hair fall. However, if it is with hard water, too much exposure to the scalp can make the skin dry as essential oil may be lost on the scalp.

“There is also the possibility of hair cuticle getting damaged due to hard water,” he answered.

Sharath Bobby: “Do I need to shave my head to apply Minoxidil? 

In his response, Dr John Watts tells Sharath that there is no such need as Minoxidil is in lotion/oil form and one can apply it using one’s fingers to the affected areas of the scalp. 

However, the hair that regrows using Minoxidil has a short life. “Their growth phase is very quick and disappears quickly when its use is halted,” he informed.

Venkat Reddy P asks: “What is the best hair colour/dye? I am 28 years old.

Dr John Watts tells Venkat Reddy to shun the use of chemical colours/ hair dye as they can do more damage in the long run. 

Overuse of hair dye can lead to hair thinning and eventually may result in baldness again. 

“They may also lead to sensitivity reactions besides causing hair damage,” said Dr John Watts, while advising him to use organic hair dye instead.

One can use henna as hair dye. “If you need dark colour, you can keep the henna mixed paste in an iron vessel for 2 hours. Then apply it to your hair,” said Dr John Watts.

Anu 6 Sainatha asks: “Is sweating good after Hair Transplant? What should I do if there is excessive sweating? When can I apply hair oil?

In his response, Dr John tells Sainatha that sweating does not affect the results of a hair transplant. “Sweating may be good as it helps keep the scalp moisturised,” he said.

However, if there is excessive sweating, he advised him to take a head bath twice a day. While opining on when to use hair oil after a hair transplant, he asked the viewer to wait for at least one and a half to two months. “But remember to rinse off your scalp after two hours of applying oil,” he continued.

Nani asks: “Can using Minoxidil turn grey hair into white?

In his response, Dr John Watts said that it is not possible. “Using Minoxidil can lead to hair regrowth in the form of baby hair and control hair loss,” he said.

Viper Gaming asks: “Can I use 5% Minoxidil for beard hair growth?

In his response, Dr John Watts tells the viewer that Minoxidil can be used for beard hair regrowth but one should not try self-medication. “The best way forward is to consult your dermatologist to find out what is the exact cause for less hair on your beard,” he advised.

Kotesh Kumar asks: Are there any side effects of using hair fibre?

In general, the use of hair fibre is meant for those who have thinning hair. The hair fibre gives perfect cover for those with thinning hair but is not known to leave any adverse side effects. “Allergic reactions to using of the hair fibre is very rare. Generally, they are perfectly safe,” informs Dr John.

However, Dr John Watts urges hair fibre users to follow certain safety cautions. “If one has used hair fibre all the day, it is always better to wash the scalp in the evening as unwashed hair fibre can block the pores of the scalp and affect the blood supply. They also accumulate the oil,” says Dr John Watts.

Ravi Teja Babu asks: “How many times I can use Minoxidil in a day?

In his response, Dr John Watts informs Ravi Teja Babu that for a first time Minoxidil user, the normal quantity is 1 ml and the maximum that one can use is 2 ml per day. “Under no circumstances, Minoxidil use cannot exceed 2ml per day for a first-time user,” he informs.

Even for those who are recommended to use 2 ml per day, he said that its application has to be split 1 ml each for morning and evening. “It is always best if one follows the instructions given by one’s consultant and not take decisions on their own,” he advised.

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              Disclaimer: While hair transplants are generally safe and effective, as with any medical procedure, there can be minimal and temporary side effects based on specific or underlying medical condition of the individual patient. Please consult in person with our qualified medical team at Trichos for a thorough assessment of your specific condition and individualized guidance on the potential risks and benefits associated with our hair restoration treatments.

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