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How many days after a hair transplant procedure one can ideally join a gym?

What is DUPA? Is there any treatment for this condition? Can I use Finasteride as a solution? Is there no treatment for this condition?

If I wear a helmet, will it lead to hair loss? Is it true? Please advise.

The difference between hair fall and hair loss

How effective is Indulekha Hair Oil?

Does Gymming Lead to Hair Thinning & Baldness? | Dr John Watts Explains

Disclaimer: While hair transplants are generally safe and effective, as with any medical procedure, there can be minimal and temporary side effects based on specific or underlying medical condition of the individual patient. Please consult in person with our qualified medical team at Trichos for a thorough assessment of your specific condition and individualized guidance on the potential risks and benefits associated with our hair restoration treatments.

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