Best Summer Fruit Juices for Good Hair 

The summer season is on and people are curious about the best fruits of the season that are good for health at this time. But what if the fruits we consume this season can also take care of our hair?

Different summer fruits can do wonders for our hair, strengthen our hair follicles, hydrate our body and also promote growth. Know all such fruits in this educational video explained by noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts, who has performed over 1900+ hair transplants successfully.

Avoid Packed Juices

The best thing one can do is to avoid packed fruit juices at this time and go for raw fruits or use them to prepare juices at home as harmful chemical preservatives can do more damage than good. “One can stay away from packed branded fruit juices in favour of raw fruit juices, which are good for both hydrating our body and good hair,” said Dr John Watts.

Best Summer Fruits for Hair Health

In this educational video, Dr John Watts recommends the following seasonal fruits for his viewers.


Known to be rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, flavonoids and carotenoids, Kiwi fruit juice is good for hair growth. It also comes with beta-carotene, lutein and anti-ageing properties and helps in hair loss prevention.


One can either eat the fruit raw or prepare juice at home from raw guava fruits. It contains β-Cryptoxanthin, anti-ageing agents, lycopene and lutein. The guava fruit also comes packed with vitamins A and C, folic acid, copper, potassium, fibre, manganese and flavonoids, which are known to promote hair growth and strengthen hair follicles.


This is regarded as another wonderful summer fruit for hair. It can be eaten raw or as part of a salad or its juice can be prepared. Cucumber is a good source of vitamin C, beta carotene and silica. “Cucumber can make the hair follicle strong,” said Dr John Watts,

Coriander Juice:

Coriander is a good source of iron, copper, manganese and flavonoids. Its juice is also regarded as hair friendly.

Spinach Juice:

Equally good for healthy hair is spinach juice which is a rich source of iron, which helps the hair become strong.

In his concluding note, Dr John Watts says that onion and garlic too have hair-friendly nutrient sources. However, on the best way to prepare juices for the above-mentioned summer fruits, he advised viewers to consult or follow Ayurveda experts on the different recipes. 

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