Can Curry Leaves Promote Hair Growth?

Traditional use of curry leaves is quite common in Indian households. But do they promote hair growth? Can they prevent premature greying of hair? Can one grow back hair on a bald spot?

In this educational video, noted hair transplant expert in Hyderabad Dr John Watts, who has over 1900+ hair and beard hair transplants to his credit, demystifies the role of curry leaves when it comes to hair growth.

Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant Properties:

In his introductory note, Dr John Watts informs the viewers that what makes curry leaves a sought-after product in traditional households including Ayurveda experts is its anti-inflammatory properties.

“It has an anti-inflammatory action that works to fight toxins in the body. When the body is stressed or is battling illness, it shows its positive effect,” informs Dr John Watts.

The other key advantage of using curry leaves is that it provides the body with anti-oxidant properties that help in fighting the signs and symptoms of the ageing process. 

Prevents Premature Greying of Hair:

With their anti-ageing properties, curry leaves are well-known for preventing premature greying of hair.

Use of curry leaves in home-cooked food is normally used. But, in traditional Ayurveda, curry leaves are dried and powdered. This powder is then boiled with coconut or Almond oil to prepare homemade hair oil and applied directly on the scalp hair.

“This property works in preventing premature greying of hair but to get the full benefits, one must consult an Ayurveda doctor/expert to make the best use,” advises Dr John.

However, when it comes to regaining lost hair on a completely bald spot, Dr John Watts says that there is no scientific evidence as he did not come across any scientific research paper on this subject yet. 

“But, one thing is sure. It helps in hair loss control. However, it is also a fact that there is no corroborating scientific research published on this aspect,” informs Dr John.

He suggests that the only available solution is to opt for a hair transplant procedure for regaining lost hair on bald spots. “Curry leaves cannot help in this regard. The only way out is to harvest healthy growing hair from the safe donor area and transplant it on the bald areas of the scalp,” says Dr John, while signing off.

In his concluding remarks, Dr John urges viewers to leave their feedback in the comments section of the video, if they found curry leaves help in regaining lost hair on bald spots. 

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