Can Green Tea Control Hair Loss?

Will consuming Green Tea do any good for your hair? Will they promote hair growth and prevent baldness? Is it just a fashionable drink or are there any merits to it?

These are some quick questions raised by Dr John Watts – one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad – in this educational video for his followers. He discusses the scientific aspects and the pros and cons of drinking Green Tea and how it is connected to hair in any way.

Answering the questions straight, Dr John Watts tells viewers of his popular YouTube channel, “Yes, green tea is useful for the promotion of hair growth and hair fall control.”

Green Tea Ingredients:

What makes Green Tea hair-friendly are its ingredients. . Rich in anti-oxidant properties, Green Tea contains flavanol and Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which are known to provide health benefits. The beverage is also known to be heart-friendly.

How Green Tea Promotes Hair Growth?

In his educational video, Dr John Watts lists three important ways in which Green Tea is used and works for the promotion of hair growth.

Blood Thinner:

Drinking Green Tea helps in better nutrients delivery to the hair as it has blood-thinning properties that help the blood to carry nutrients to our body. 

Hair Rejuvenation:

Studies have also shown that applying green tea extracts that are high on Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) on the scalp is known to rejuvenate hair. One can boil the green tea leaves and use the extract to apply on the scalp for benefit.

Slows down DHT induced hair loss:

It is also scientifically proven that Green Tea has the properties that can slow down the DHT induced hair loss to some extent. This helps in the prevention of baldness to some level.

“However, one cannot expect dense hair growth with Green Tea consumption. If baldness is at an early stage, it can slow down hair loss to some extent,” explains Dr John Watts.

Ways to use Green Tea for Hair Growth:

Dr John Watts tells viewers that Green Tea can be used in three ways for boosting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

  • One can apply Green Tea extracts directly to the scalp.

  • Use Green Tea extracts based hair shampoos & conditioners

  • Direct consumption of Green Tea

Side Effects:

However, Dr John Watts also warned the viewers from overusing Green Tea as it also has the potential to leave adverse side effects. One may experience stomach upset issues besides liver issues if it is consumed in excess of what the body’s system can process.

“It is better to consult a nutritionist if one is in doubt about the levels and limits of Green Tea one can consume,” he informs.

With Green Tea also known to act as a blood thinner, Dr John Watts also tells the viewers that he usually recommends regular consumers of Green Tea to discontinue the drink 10-15 days before a hair transplant procedure. “There could be bleeding issues if one continues consuming green tea during the transplant procedure,” he says.

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