Can You Naturally Regrow Hair on Accidentally Burnt/Injured Eyebrow

This is not usually known to general people that one cannot naturally regrow hair on accidentally burnt or injured eyebrows. This (naturally regrowing hair) is also not possible even when scar tissues are formed on the eyebrows.

So, what is the solution? In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – explores this important topic and explains in detail what methods and alternatives are available to overcome this problem.

He has successfully performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures so far.

Possible problems with Eyebrows:

There are several likely ways the hair on the eyebrows can get permanently damaged. This could be due to some burn injuries or accidental injuries sustained on the eyebrow like cuts or scars. 

“Once such things occur, the scars can lead to the growth of fibrous tissues which may make natural regrowth of hair on the eyebrows impossible due to poor blood supply or permanent hair follicle damage,” explained Dr John Watts.

In such a scenario, neither medication nor any ointment can ensure hair regrowth on the damaged eyebrow.

Damaged Eyebrows: Treatment Alternatives

So, in this condition, what are the options available as a remedy for the victims/patients that can help them successfully regrow natural hair? Dr John Watts lists the following options.

Hair Transplant: The first available and the best option is a hair transplant. For this procedure, generally, the donor hair is extracted from the back of the neck region and transplanted into the affected eyebrow region. 

“This transplanted hair will naturally grow and can improve the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrow. We select the hair grafts that match the angle of the eyebrow hair,” informed Dr John Watts.

However, there is a small issue with this kind of transplant on the eyebrow as the patient may need to cut the transplanted hair for the first 1-2 years of the transplant. “This is because the hair extracted from the neck region tends to grow long. However, after 1-2 years, they tend to develop the same characteristic of the eyebrow hair and stop growing long,” explained Dr John.

This peculiar characteristic is called ‘recipient dominance’ where the transplanted hair adopts the nature of the existing hair after some time.


The other technique that can provide a solution to damaged hair on the eyebrow is microblading or micro-pigmentation. In this procedure, using pigment that mimics the look of the eyebrow hair through camouflage, one can get a lookalike appearance and the eyebrow looks fuller and natural. “This procedure is suitable for those who do not wish to undergo an eyebrow hair transplant. However, no new hair will grow as it is a camouflage only,” explained Dr John.

Permanent Eyebrow Makeup: 

Normally, people apply kajal to give a fuller and more dense look to their eyebrow hair. While this is fine, Dr John Watts tells the viewers that permanent eyebrow makeup can provide a better solution.

“This is an advanced method compared to micropigmentation,” informed Dr John, while urging the viewers to share the video with their friends who are struggling with this issue.

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