Can Neo Hair Lotion Control Hair Loss & Promote Hair on Bald Scalp?

Neo Hair Lotion is in the spotlight as it is getting attention with aggressive advertising claiming it is a one-stop solution for hair loss. But does it promote hair growth & bring hair back on bald spots?

Is it approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other drug controllers of other countries? Are there any side effects if you use this product? What are the answers?

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – demystifies everything about Neo Hair Lotion. Dr John has successfully performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures so far.

What is Neo Hair Lotion?

In his introductory talk, Dr John Watts tells viewers that Neo Hair Lotion is touted and marketed as an herbal extract-based hair product. “This product is not approved by the US FDA but the Thailand drug administration has approved it for use,” said Dr John Watts.

Ingredients of Neo Hair Lotion:

The speciality of Neo Hair Lotion lies in the type of herbal and chemical ingredients it uses. Dr John Watts explains that its primary ingredients comprise Equisetum arvernse (horsetail) extract, Cucumis melo extract, Saw Palmeto, Ginseng Radix Alba, Ecipta Prostrate and Cantaloupe extract


It also uses chemical ingredients like ethyl alcohol, Propylene Glycol, coconut oil and purified water among others.

How Science Works for Hair Products:

Before explaining whether one should use or get the desired benefits from using Neo Hair Lotion, Dr John Watts gives an overview of the working of the science and how some drugs like Minoxidil and Finasteride get US FDA approvals and others do not for a better understanding of the viewers.

“The US FDA only approves two drugs that promote hair growth and control hair loss. They are Minoxidil & Finasteride but there are hundreds of unapproved hair products like shampoos, creams, lotions and serums that exist and people use them but they are not clinically and scientifically proven with trials explaining their side effects. There are no scientific literature or medically documented case studies on their usage by patients to authenticate their benefits and adverse effect,” informed Dr John Watts.

Though there are several testimonials of patients who use such products, Dr John Watts underscored that they cannot be relied upon as they lack independent scientific scrutiny with established controlled clinical trial procedures.

“If you are using such products, do let us know if you have benefited or faced adverse consequences. I will try to find out if there are any reported scientific journal publications on their effects,” informed Dr John.

Neo Hair Lotion Usage:

Dr John Watts tells the viewers that use two ingredients of Neo Hair Lotion namely Equisetum arvernse (horsetail) extract and Ginseng Radix Alba is known to help control hair breakage and improve blood circulation on the scalp respectively.

While highlighting its usage, Dr John tells that the product is advised for use with light massage in the morning and night. “It is also recommended that one takes a head bath with baby shampoo to clear any harmful residues on the scalp before using it.

Neo Hair Lotion: Side Effects

In his talk, Dr John said that the use of Neo Hair Lotion is associated with several side effects which may differ from person to person. “Some of the side effects associated with its use include scalp irritation, growth of hair follicles on the face, chest pain, faster heartbeat, swollen arms and legs, headache and dizziness. If any of such symptoms happen one should immediately stop it and consult a doctor,” advised Dr John.


So, is Neo Hair Lotion good? Should you use it? “It promotes hair growth and it controls hair loss to some extent. But, the answer is NO if you ask if it promotes hair growth on a bald head,” informed Dr John, while urging viewers to write in their comments if they have benefited from the use of Neo Hair Lotion. He also requested the viewers to share the video for awareness among their friends.

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