Does Curly Hair People Get Good Hair Transplant Results?

Can curly hair people have a chance of getting good hair transplant results? Is it difficult to perform hair transplants on people with curly hair? Is there any need for specialized equipment to perform a hair transplant on those with curly hair?

In this educational video by Dr John Watts, a noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons, he explains whether having curly hair is advantageous or disadvantageous to getting good hair transplant results.

Curly Hair Transplant: Advantages

In his introductory note, Dr John Watts says that when compared to hair transplant results with normal hair, those with curly hair can achieve better hair transplant results.

“Those with curly hair have the natural advantage of enjoying better hair transplant results with a dense look,” said Dr John Watts.

The biggest advantage of having curly hair is that a lesser number of hair grafts are required for them. This also reduces the cost of hair transplants.

Curly Hair Transplant: Disadvantages

It is not that curly hair brings only advantages as a minor mistake selecting the wrong transplant surgeon to undergo the hair transplant can upset the results. 

“It is very tricky to perform a hair transplant on those with curly hair as the punches we use for extraction of hair grafts are straight. It is only experienced hands that can do justice to hair transplant on people with curly hair,” explained Dr John Watts.

There are other disadvantages too. With untrained and inexperienced hair transplant surgeons, there is always a higher risk of a high transaction rate. It simply means that there is a greater chance of losing hair grafts during the hair graft extraction process.

 “This problem can be solved only when a patient selects a highly experienced hair transplant surgeon with superior technique,” said Dr John Watts. He informed the viewers that he has performed hair transplants on African clients whose hair has more well-formed curly features than Indian hair.

The purport is that for those who have trained on African clients, it is a cakewalk to perform a hair transplant on Indian clients with curly hair features.

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