The difference between hair fall and hair loss

Different questions are being raised by fans and followers of Dr John Watts are flooding his series of hugely popular educational videos with queries related to hair transplants and hair growth issues.

In this educational video, noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answers select shortlisted questions of viewers related to hair growth, hair hall and hair transplant. He has performed over 1900+ hair transplant surgeries successfully.

RMRS asks: Sir, I always wondered whether there can be hair growth on the spot where we faced hair loss. Is it permanent loss or temporary loss? Are the pores closed completely for the hair follicles to grow again in such a scenario? Please explain.

In his response, Dr John Watts informs RMRS that this is a common query raised by several hair loss patients. “There will be hair growth in the spot where one faces hair loss. The pores are not closed permanently,” he explained.

However, he explained to RMRS that in a situation where one is facing baldness or the process has started due to a family baldness issue, one may eventually notice a gradual decrease in the size and thickness of the hair growth.

“In the early baldness phase, you will notice miniaturisation of your hair. The size, length and thickness get reduced gradually and at one point in time the hair grows so small that they are no longer visible,” explained Dr John Watts.

Temporary Vs Permanent Hair Loss

Dr John Watts said that the baldness process should not be confused with temporary hair loss that one may face during bouts of illness like typhoid, or when one is recuperating from any illness or health issue like Covid.

“Due to nutritional or vitamin deficiency or when one takes recourse to some crash diet course for weight loss, one may also notice hair loss but it is a temporary phenomenon and one may regain the lost hair when these nutritional or vitamin deficiencies are replenished,” explained Dr John Watts.

During this temporary phase of hair loss, the pores are never closed and hair continues to grow but the quality of hair gets affected. “One will also notice hair thinning during this process.

However, there is nothing to worry about as once meets the nutritional deficiency and adequately hydrates oneself and rests, the quality of hair and growth would improve,” informed Dr John.

Signs of Baldness

The first sign of baldness is the process of miniaturisation. This type of hair loss is permanent and no amount of nutritional or dietary supplements can reverse this condition if the baldness is linked to family history.

The only solution for baldness is a hair transplant or to opt for hair fibre or hair patch if one does not have sufficient donor hair.

While answering another query, Dr John Watts also clarified that no one should expect hair growth in the spot where donor hair was extracted from a site. Though the hair graft extraction from the donor region of the scalp is scattered uniformly without letting anyone notice it, however, it is also a fact that no new hair will ever grow there.

“It is true that once donor hair is extracted from a spot, growth of new hair is not possible in that region,” said Dr John.

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