Is Long Hair Transplantation Better?

Long hair transplantation is a controversial technique that seems to have been hyped by a section of people but is it really useful, better and more advantageous than other hair transplant techniques in use?

Should you go for a long hair transplant instead of the regular trusted FUE technique that most prefers? What are its pros and cons?

In this educational video, noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts demystifies the hype behind long hair transplants and explains whether it justifies its hype or fails in meeting it.

Impractical Technique:

In the long hair transplant technique, only long hairs will be collected from the donor area and implanted planted in the recipient region of the scalp that is unshaven.

Explaining the rationale why long hair transplant as a technique garnered attention and acceptance among a niche segment, Dr John Watts says that some people preferred instant results to show off their long hair.

This may be due to some emergency event like attending marriages that one might feel the need to showcase instant long hair. 

However, this technique is termed impractical by Dr John Watts – who has performed over 1900+ hair transplants successfully - in his personal opinion. 

“Everyone knows that newly transplanted hair – either long or short – fell off on their own after 15-20 days of the transplant,” asks Dr John Watts.

Though the stem cells remain intact, the hair shafts of the transplanted hair fall off and, in its place, new hair grows gradually.

The need for having a long hair transplant where one selectively longer hair is implanted instead of shorter hair from a shaved head in the normal FUE technique makes it an impractical technique.

“I usually do not recommend long hair transplant,” informs Dr John Watts.

Long Hair Transplant: Disadvantages

For not ranking it high as a technique, Dr John Watts lists out the following distinct disadvantages of long hair transplant.

In the long hair transplant technique, the grafts may not snugly fit and may lead to what is known as tenting effect. There is a likely possibility that the angle at which it is transplanted may get wrong.

There could be the possibility of the grafts getting dislodged from their position.

The hair transplant patient may find it difficult to clean/wash the transplanted hair on his/her own without taking help from an expert assistant in doing it. 

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