What is DUPA? Is there any treatment for this condition? Can I use Finasteride as a solution? Is there no treatment for this condition?

Different questions are being raised by fans and followers of Dr John Watts are flooding his series of hugely popular educational videos with queries related to hair transplants and hair growth issues.

In this educational video, noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answers select shortlisted questions of viewers related to hair growth, hair hall and hair transplant. He has performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures successfully.

Mr Rockstar asks: Sir, what is DUPA? Recently, I consulted my dermatologist about my hair loss problem. He diagnosed my condition as DUPA. Is there any treatment for this condition? Can I use Finasteride as a solution? Is a hair transplant procedure a solution to this problem? Is there no treatment for this condition? Please advise.

In his response, Dr John Watts informs Rockstar that DUPA stands for Diffused Unpatterned Alopecia, which is different from male pattern baldness. “Unlike in male pattern baldness, where we tend to see its effect on top, front, sides and crown of the scalp, there is uniform hair thinning in DUPA,” explained Dr John Watts.

While answering the question of whether Finasteride can help treat DUPA, Dr John said that it may or may not depending upon certain factors “If there is a family history of DUPA for a patient, then using Finasteride may be helpful. But if there is no family history, the patient needs other medications,” he said.

Reasons for DUPA:

There are various possible reasons why one may get DUPA. They include

1. Family history

2. Nutrient deficiency

3. Crash Diet/ Weight loss program

4. Trauma

“The above are all the possible reasons that may trigger DUPA but it needs to be precisely diagnosed by a qualified dermatologist,” explained Dr John.

DUPA: Treatments

The possible range of treatment for DUPA includes prescribing medication like Finasteride if there is a family history or suggesting nutritional supplements if nutritional issues are causing the problem.

But, is hair transplant a solution for DUPA? “Not likely, as the patient may run out of donor hair on his scalp. We can use beard or body hair for transplant but it may not suffice to give density. For this, the DUPA patient may opt for scalp micro pigmentation or opt for hair fibre or a hair patch if required,” he suggested.

He concluded by saying that DUPA patient must sincerely follow the advice of their dermatologist and never go for self-treatment based on the internet knowledge.

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