Facts About Microblading & Microshading

Do the so-called ‘permanent’ effects one wishes to get through permanent eye make-up, 3D eyebrows or permanent eyeliner stay permanent for life? Are they safe to get it done from the neighbourhood saloon?

The craze for cosmetic touch to one’s appearance is now at an all-time high, thanks to the visually conscious younger generation who have no time to spend hours every day to style their eyelashes, eyebrows & eye lining and look for something that can save their time instead!

In this educational video, noted trichologist, dermatologist and beard/hair transplant in Hyderabad Dr John Watts reveals the nitty-gritty of how and what to expect with permanent eye make-up, 3D eyebrows and permanent eyeliners for the viewers in easy-to-understand layman’s language.

Microblading, Microshading & Micro:

When one is talking about permanent make-up solutions for one’s eyelashes or eyebrows, the intent is to go for microblading and microshading techniques as these are the process that can give one what one is looking to achieve.

“When you merge the above two processes, you get what one calls permanent eye make-up, 3D eyebrows or permanent eye lining,” explains Dr John Watts.


So, what is microblading & what is microshading and how the two are different? What is permanent eyeliner?

Using microblading, one can plan for the perfect eyebrows with fine lines drawn by a very fine pen needs using microneedles. Whereas in micro-shading, one can get a 3-D look on the eyebrows with a natural-like thick and thin appearance of hair on the eyebrows.

In permanent eyeliner, one uses medically safe pigment on pinpointed locations to get the desired effect.

Safety Precautions:

While opting for microblading, microshading or permanent make-up using a permanent eyeliner, one should avoid falling into the trap of quacks and unqualified practitioners that often permanently damage the looks. 

“We usually get many patients looking for laser corrections for their botched up microblading, microshading and permanent eyeliner procedures. One should do proper research as to whom one is approaching for these procedures as quacks and untrained professionals can leave permanent damage on your face,” informs Dr John Watts. 

These techniques call for high expertise as they are not simple tattoos that can be removed easily. 

For safety, experts must use medically sterilized conditions or else it may lead to infection. They must understand the eyebrow contours and should have sound knowledge about angle positioning, the thickness of the eyebrows, depth, spine and artistic design before proceeding with a case,

Stays Permanent?

Whether the fine microblading and microshading artistic design stays permanent in one’s lifetime? “Never! No such procedure, once done, stays the same permanently as there would be gradual fading and one may need slight retouching once in six months or a year later,” informs Dr John Watts, while urging viewers to share the video among their friends who are looking for information about these techniques.

He also requested viewers to leave their feedback and queries about this video in the comments section.

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