Does Gymming Lead to Hair Thinning & Baldness? | Dr John Watts Explains

The health conscious takes up gymming seriously but many also keep worrying if workouts can lead to hair thinning and baldness. There is too much sweating involved in weight lifting and many tend to believe that such strenuous exercises may lead to baldness.

Some take pre-workout drinks and post-workout drinks including whey protein, creatine and BCAA drinks suspicious about their impact on hair thinning and baldness.

In this educational video, Dr John Watts — a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad — demystifies everything about workouts and hair loss. Dr John has successfully performed over 1900+ hair transplant procedures so far.

Bhargav Krishna asks: Sir, I have started workouts for the past two months. There is already hair thinning on my crown area. There is no family history of baldness. Will my active gym routine lead to further hair thinning and baldness? Please explain.

In his response, Dr John Watts informs Bhargav Krishna that involvement in strenuous workouts has no link with hair thinning. “Since you do not have a family history of baldness, you don’t have to worry on that angle. However, if you are taking anabolic steroids or testosterone injections for rapid muscle mass growth, it may lead to baldness,” warned Dr John Watts.

There is a clear role that anabolic steroids play in affecting the quality of hair growth and may eventually lead to baldness.

In fact, those regularly working out in gyms usually take a high protein and carbohydrate-rich diet that are good for hair growth. The pre and post-workout protein diet/drinks including whey protein, creatine and BCAA-rich drinks are also good for hair growth.

Even sweating is not an issue as regular cleaning of the scalp after a workout helps in keeping it disease free.

“Most gym goers follow good diet practices including consumption of non-vegetarian foods and go for multiple short meals. Though such diet is good for hair growth, they must be very careful as excess protein and carbohydrate intake than required by the body may adversely affect in the long run,” advised Dr John.

He suggested they consult a nutritionist for their exact protein and carbohydrate requirements as per their body mass index.

While concluding this topic, Dr John Watts urged the viewers of his YouTube channel to share the video among their friends for awareness.

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