Hair Transplant in Migraine Headache Patients

If you are suffering from a migraine issue, can you undergo a hair transplant procedure in that condition? Is it safe to have a hair transplant with an active migraine condition? Will there be any adverse side effects?

This is a very tricky issue that needs some serious explanation as many people desirous of hair transplant solutions needlessly worry about their migraine issue. 

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – noted dermatologist, trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad – demystifies certain myths associated with migraine and hair transplant.

Advantages Outnumber

In his opening remarks, Dr John Watts, who has performed over 1900+ successful hair and beard hair transplant surgeries, clearly mentions that those with migraine can benefit if they undergo hair transplant procedures.

“This is not a casual observation but purely based on scientific research studies,” mentions Dr John Watts, while referring to a research study conducted by Safvet Ors, which was published in the International open access journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) in 2017.

The research study was carried out with 6 hair transplant patients who were battling migraine issues. 

“A patient electing hair transplantation at our clinic brought to our attention during a 6-month follow-up visit that his migraine headaches had ceased, restoring quality of life,” the study reported.


Following this finding, the lead researcher carried out further investigations on five other hair transplant patients and documented similar positive outcomes.

Better Hair Transplant Outcome for Migraine Patients 

Those still curious about understanding the link between migraine and whether it can impact the success rate of hair transplant results, Dr John Watts says that it is just a figment of imagination.

“There is no relation between migraine and the outcome of hair transplant results. Usually, if you are battling migraine-related headache issues and if it is active, we generally ensure that the patient first gets proper treatment before we take up the hair transplant,” says Dr John Watts.

While concluding the topic, Dr John Watts quoted from his experience and mentioned that the outcome of hair transplant success had no bearing whether one had prior migraine or developed later after the hair transplant. 

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