Is Hair Transplant Really Effective?

There are myriad opinions and misconceptions, even among some doctors, if a hair transplant is effective as one finds it unbelievable to expect new and real hair growing on a bald scalp. One reason that can be attributed to this is the lack of information and awareness about the success rate of hair transplants.

In this educational video, noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts demystifies hair transplant effectiveness by discussing what outcome to expect.

With over 1900+ hair transplants under his belt, Dr John Watts uses easy to understand language so that even a layman could understand different issues related to hair loss & hair transplants on his YouTube channel.

“Hair transplants are effective as the stem cell in the hair follicle that is transplanted in the recipient region get embedded and they grow natural and new hair on scalp region which was bald,” explained Dr John Watts.

Hair Transplant Effectiveness

Usually, the hair on the scalp and beard are found to be safe donor hair for transplantation to the recipient region. But not all hair shows the same level of success rate during the transplantation process.

No DHT Influence: Since new hair is harvested from the safe donor area of the scalp (usually the side or back of the scalp) before they are transplanted on the front or top of the scalp, they are usually free from DHT influence. This helps the transplanted hair in the recipient region grow naturally.

Success Rate

When hair grafts are harvested from a safe donor area in the side or back of the scalp and transplanted on the front of the scalp, Dr John Watts says that the success percentage is as high as 94-97%.

Similarly, when hair grafts are harvested from a safe donor area in the side or back of the scalp and transplanted on the crown/top of the scalp, the success percentage comes down by 10-15%.

However, when hair grafts are harvested from safe donor areas like the beard or one’s intimate region, the success rate of hair transplant is said to be 100%.

Chest Hair Not Very Effective:

When it comes to using hair grafts from the chest region for transplantation, Dr John Watts tells viewers in the video that they are not very effective as the hair growth outcome drops considerably. 

“If such hair grafts are transplanted on the front of the scalp, the success rate could be around 60% and it shows less growth if transplanted on the crown/top of the scalp,” he explains.

Hair Transplant on Diabetic

With diabetics, the hair transplant process can become tricky as those battling this lifestyle disease usually have the less healing capability. “As a result, hair transplant effectiveness in diabetics can come down by up to 20% when compared to normal people,” informs Dr John Watts.

However, he says that if properly planned, even diabetics too can have new and real hair growing on the bald regions of their scalp.

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              Disclaimer: While hair transplants are generally safe and effective, as with any medical procedure, there can be minimal and temporary side effects based on specific or underlying medical condition of the individual patient. Please consult in person with our qualified medical team at Trichos for a thorough assessment of your specific condition and individualized guidance on the potential risks and benefits associated with our hair restoration treatments.

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