Hair Transplant Vs Hair Patch: Which is Better?

If given a choice, this is a peculiar situation as one can be confused about which one is better: Hair transplant or hair patch? Which one should you opt for if you have an option? Are both of them good?

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – differentiates between the two procedures/options and enlightens his readers to help them make an informed choice for selecting one of the options.


Many struggling with hair loss conditions may feel embarrassed to take selfies or pose for family photographs and may lack confidence. This is a normal scenario where a hair transplant procedure may be recommended if one has sufficient donor hair for transplantation.

In another scenario, one may not have sufficient donor hair area and even body hair transplantation may not be possible. “In this case, opting for a hair patch is a better choice or maybe the only choice one is left with,” explained Dr John Watts.

Hair Patch Vs Wig:

To better understand a hair patch, one must first need to differentiate it from a wig. “Wig is an old-style hair cover and looked like a helmet that covered the entire scalp. In contrast, a hair patch is used only on a small area of baldness that is glued and easily blends with one’s natural hair,” explained Dr John Watts.

Unlike a wig, it is generally difficult to notice a hair patch and this fact may help one to avoid embarrassment in public. However, if one watches very keenly, one can even make out that one is wearing a hair patch.

Hair Patch: Uses

If one is scared of undergoing a hair transplant procedure irrespective of the availability or unavailability of donor hair, a hair patch can be a good choice. “For instance, if one has a receding hairline problem and does not have a family history of baldness, a hair patch can be used to cover hairline area baldness effectively,” informed Dr John.

Hair Patch: Disadvantages

Though a hair patch is generally considered superior to wearing a wig, it has a few common issues that one has to deal with routinely. “It may be costly and comes with regular maintenance once in 6 months to 1 year depending upon the quality of hair patch one is using,” explained Dr John.

Exponentially, the long-term cost of a hair patch is several times higher than what may incur on a hair transplant procedure as it is a one-time maintenance-free permanent solution that provides growth with natural hair.

“If one is not interested in a hair transplant procedure, then without second thoughts opting for a hair patch is a choice provided one is ready to take the maintenance cost into account,” said Dr John, while urging viewers to share the video among their friends for awareness.

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