Should you join Weight Loss Prog After Hair Transplant or Before

Weight loss programmes and hair transplants are two different things but they are linked to each other in some way. This makes the topic tricky for laypersons as any wrong step can have consequences on hair transplant results.

Can you opt for a weight loss programme immediately after a hair transplant procedure? When you are in the midst of a weight loss programme, is it a reasonable decision to opt for a hair transplant? Or should you complete your weight loss programme before a hair transplant?

These are some of the questions that Dr John Watts, noted Hair Specialist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad who has performed over 1900+ hair transplant surgeries, enlighten his followers in this educational video.

In his introductory note, he first explains the types of weight loss programmes that people are interested in these days.

Types of Weight Loss:

Internet Weight Loss Programme

This is commonly followed these days where those desirous of weight shedding take insights on weight loss by following their internet idols. However, those who follow these internet idols, do not bother to follow a scientific method for weight loss and often run into serious consequences weight loss strategy differs from person to person based on a host of factors.

Calorie Deficit Programme: 

This is the usual weight loss programme that most people follow with personal guidance from a nutritionist and gym trainer to gradually cut down on calorie intake by reducing the quantity of food and fat burning through physical workouts in a gym. 

Surgical Weight Loss

This is a scientific weight loss programme that involves surgical solutions through bariatric surgery or bypass surgery on the stomach that reduces the capacity of the stomach to take in food. 


This is another surgical method of weight loss where a cosmetic procedure is performed to reduce excess body fat through surgery. 

Hair Transplant & Weight Loss Connection:

Dr John Watts then explains how weight loss programme is linked to hair transplant and what people need to be aware of for better hair growth results in the event one tries to combine both.

“We must understand that when hair transplant is performed the implanted hair is in an inflammatory state. Good hair growth results are possible when one takes good nutrition, remains stressed free and does not exert oneself excessively after a hair transplant,” informs Dr John Watts.

If these conditions are not followed, it would have an impact on the quality of hair transplant results in the long run.

When it comes to following a calorie deficit based weight loss programme, Dr John Watts suggests that such people should consult their nutritionist and gym trainer before embarking on the weight loss initiative. 

“It is always better to devise long-term weight loss goals and strictly avoid crash courses,” he advised.

Best Time for Weight Loss 

While discussing the key point as to whether one should embark on a weight loss programme before or after a hair transplant, Dr John Watts underscores the importance of giving at least a two-month gap between weight loss and hair transplant procedures.

“One should not plan a hair transplant in the middle of a weight loss programme as it would affect the quality of the hair transplant results as one would have to cut down on nutritious food intake which is required for healthy hair growth,” he advised while urging the viewers to share the video for awareness.

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