Low-Level Laser Treatment for Hair Loss

Can Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) result in hair growth on the balding spot? Can it reverse baldness? Can you get dense hair growth with LLLT that you can style? 

In theory, this aspect seems to be sitting on a sound footing as there have been experiments on mice. 

This and other things about this technology is demystified by Dr John Watts – noted dermatologist, trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad – in this educational video. He has performed over 1900+ hair transplants.

LLLT: The Concept

The concept of Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or photobiomodulation or photo biostimulation or Laser Treatment for Hair Loss was first mooted by a Hungary based researcher named Endre Mester more than 50 years ago in the course of cancer experiments.

In his research, Mester found that when low-level light-emitting diodes (LED) are emitted on bald mice for a sustained period, hair regrowth took place in his experiments.

This finding led to further research and resulted in advanced instruments like Laser Caps or Laser Combs for hair loss control. The fancy term LLLT seems to have been cashed on by device makers and several manufacturers, who produced and marketed such devices claiming they can reverse baldness. 

How does Photo Bio Stimulation work?

In research, it has been established that when the LED light is emitted on a bald spot with 272 or 82 diodes, there can be a proliferation of follicular hair stem cells. Theoretically, this can be termed as a reversal of the baldness process.

But does it provide you with dense hair growth? “No! The results are not very effective. At the most, one can get some results but tiny vellus hair cannot convert to dense terminal hair that you can style,” says Dr John Watts.

In short, the process may work for those who are still in the early stages of baldness and may get some results.

However, he tells viewers that it is a long sustained process. “Probably, one needs up to 26 weeks to get some results. But why to wait this long when there are other effective alternatives available,” asks Dr John.

Alternatives to LLLT:

If one is still in the early stage of baldness, Dr John Watts advises viewers to consult their trichologist or hair expert for using Minoxidil or Finasteride drugs instead of opting for LLLT therapy.

“Both the drugs are medically approved and very effective in the early stage of baldness. Before using the drug, one must find out the cause of baldness, which is very important,” he urges viewers.

In case Minoxidil or Finasteride drugs are not suitable for use when patients are experiencing an advanced stage of baldness, the only solution they can try is to go for a hair transplant.

In his concluding remark, he urges viewers who might have used LLLT therapy to share their feedback in the comments section.

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