How many days after a hair transplant procedure one can ideally join a gym?

Different questions are being raised by fans and followers of Dr John Watts are flooding his series of hugely popular educational videos with queries related to hair transplants and hair growth issues.

In this educational video, noted dermatologist & trichologist and one of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answers select shortlisted questions of viewers related to hair growth, hair hall and hair transplant. He has performed over 1900+ hair transplant surgeries successfully.

Mahi M asks: Sir, how many days after a hair transplant procedure one can ideally join a gym?

In his response, Dr John Watts informs Mahi that many health-conscious have expressed the same doubt after undergoing a hair transplant. “Ideally, one needs to wait at least 30 days before one takes up strenuous weight training in a gym,” he said. Initially, one must strictly avoid lifting dead weights.

Explaining the thread further, Dr John Watts addressed the queries of health-conscious people on different other physical and sporting activities following a hair transplant.


For running and jogging, Dr John Watts advised the patients to strictly stay away from physical activity like running or jogging during the first 20 days. “You can go for a slow walk. After 30 days, one can resume jogging,” informed Dr John Watts.

Cricket after Hair Transplant:

In cricket, precautions need to be taken by wearing safety helmets after a hair transplant procedure. Here too one must wait for 25–30 days to let the baby hair grow without any stressful environment.

The same precautions need to be taken if one is keen to take up other sporting events like table tennis or lawn tennis. “Wait till 25–30 days after a hair transplant procedure,” informed Dr John.

Swimming after Hair Transplant:

The quality of water used in a swimming pool can create problems for the newly transplanted grafts on the scalp as most often they are chemically laden which includes high composition of chlorine in the water.

“Avoid chemically laden swimming pool water for at least one-and-a-half month to 2 months period after a hair transplant,” informed Dr John.

Sex After Hair Transplant:

While answering another query as to when one can resume sex after a hair transplant, Dr John advised patients to stay away from active sex for at least 10 days after a hair transplant.

“You can engage in passive sex during this time. Too much stress during the initial 10 days after a hair transplant can be harmful to the newly transplanted hair grafts. Even for masturbation too one needs to avoid it 5–6 days unless one is in a relaxed position without taking any stress,” explained Dr John Watts, while urging viewers to share the video among their friends for awareness.

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