Masturbation affects Hair Loss?

Viewers following Dr John Watts's YouTube Channel keep asking questions related to hair transplants, hair loss and hair growth.

In this educational video, renowned trichologist, dermatologist and one of the top hair transplant experts in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answer some of these questions that viewers have asked.

Dinesh Reddy asks: I was told by a hair consultant that Vertex Baldness is not effective. Please answer

Dr John Watts answers: The best results in any hair transplant usually have the most effective results when donor hair grafts from the back of the scalp or beard hair are transplanted on the front of the scalp. However, when it comes to transplant on the vertex of the scalp or the mid-scalp of the crown, the results usually get reduced by 15-20%.

“You cannot expect full density here even after a transplant. You can only get a virtual density on the vertex,” informs Dr John.

CV Lee asks: Sir, If I use 2% Minoxidil with Finasteride can I regain my lost hair back? I am still in the early stages of hair loss. My dermatologist has recommended it.

Dr John Watts answers: Those who are in the early stage of androgenetic alopecia, even using plain Minoxidil will show very good results.

“In the same way, topical application of Minoxidil with Finasteride too would provide good results. However, we must understand one thing clearly. Once prescribed by our consultant, one must only abruptly stop these drugs,” said Dr John Watts.

In the event of an abrupt disruption, the hair growth including the bay hair growth will remain temporary and regained hair would be lost again. 

Dr John Watts says one must continue the drugs and this may prevent the future requirement of any hair transplant.

Sethupathi Vamsi asks: Sir, it is possible that using Minoxidil can lead to chest pain? I experienced light chest pain after using it for three days.

Dr John Watts answers: Usually, there are no side effects after using Minoxidil. However, we must understand that Minoxidil drug is a vasodilator i.e it opens up blood vessels or slightly widen them to ensure more blood is supplied. 

“As a consequence, the BP can be slightly lower in some persons. This is on expected lines. In some rare cases, it can also lead to palpitation which is, your heart can race a bit. But chest pain I have never come across as a side effect,” he said.

He advised Sethupathi Vamshi to consult this physician to confirm what was causing the problem as chest pain could also be linked to gastric issues.

Sai Akhil asks: Sir, Can Minoxidil grow the hairline?

Dr John Watts answers: After using Minoxidil, the best results can be sighted on the crown area. There would be the growth of baby hair, they also become dark and a little dense. “Similarly, one can witness a growth of baby hair on the hairline area. This will cover the shiny balding spot. But you cannot expect full-length hair on the hairline that you can style,” he says.

However, even the baby hair growth on the hairline can disappear if one abruptly stops using Minoxidil without consulting their physician. At least, one must continue to use it for 5-6 years once started.

Ram N asks: Sir, I m using Dermaroller every day. No results are appearing though I have been using it for three months. Sometimes, it is also leading to injuries and I can see a small amount of blood.

Dr John Watts answers: Using Dermaroller is good. However, one cannot use it every day as it would lead to adverse side effects. “One may use Dermaroller only after consulting their dermatologist. It is better if one uses it once in 10 days or 20 days and not every day,” he advises.

The purpose of using dermaroller is that it uses an inflammatory healing technique to ensure hair growth. “Overuse of dermaroller can lead to multiple injuries, which may lead to fibrosis. This may damage existing hair too. You cannot use it before the injured part is healed first,” warns Dr John Watts.

Rohan asks: Sir, Can masturbation lead to hair fall?

Dr John Watts answers: No, masturbation or sex has no link with hair fall.

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