Dr John Watts Answers Your Queries

Questions keep flooding the videos posted by Dr John Watts on his popular YouTube channel as curious and concerned viewers keep seeking clarifications on different hair-related issues.

In this particular video, noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answers four queries raised by viewers in different videos.

A software engineer asks: “I spend most of my time sitting before a computer. Will it adversely affect results if I get a hair transplant done?

While clarifying this query, Dr John Watts tells the software engineer that hair transplant results will not have any kind of impact even if a person continuously sits in front of a computer after a hair transplant. 

“There is no way it has any kind of impact. At most, when one is facing the screen of the computer it is only the face including the beard and moustache that is in front of the screen. The transplanted region on the scalp would never come in the way,” he explains.

Vamshi Krishna asks: “There is excess oil production on my scalp. In this condition, will it benefit if I use Minoxidil for hair growth?”

If excess oil is produced on the scalp, it may create bottlenecks for Minoxidil to show its proper effect, says Dr John Watts. “It is better if one first try to take proper medication to stop excess oil production on the scalp. If Minoxidil is used in this condition, the results may not be very effective,” he advised.

Gopi Y asks: “Can I use natural hair dye instead of chemical-based hair dyes for my hair? Will it be safe for my hair?”

Dr John Watts clarifies that natural hair dye comes without side-effects. However, he advised Gopi Y that one needs to be very careful while purchasing branded hair dye products that are marketed by labelling them as “natural” when they are not.

 “By natural hair dye, what I mean is people using Henna based hair dye. Several brands are commercially selling hair dye products by labelling them as “natural” but they are not natural and contain harmful chemicals,” explains Dr John Watts.

If any so-called natural hair dye brand contains ingredients such as Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which is a chemical substance, then it is better to avoid them. 

Mudassir Ahmed asks: “Sir, I m 22-years-old. My beard hair is not prominent and the hair density is less. Should I go for a facial hair transplant? I am worried as this is a common heredity issue among my family”

For beard hair to grow to its full potential, Dr John Watts says that one needs to give sufficient time till one is at least 24-25 years. “It is too early to take a call whether you should be going for a beard hair transplant at this stage,” informs Dr John Watts.

While clarifying another doubt raised by Mudassir Ahmed regarding the unavailability of donor hair if a beard hair transplant is delayed, Dr John Watts says that it won’t happen that early. “After waiting for 2-3 years more, it is better if the patient undertakes a hormonal analysis to find out the exact cause of thinning beard hair before a final call is taken for a beard hair transplant,” he advised.

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