Secrets to Grow Beard Faster?

You might have felt a tinge of wistfulness watching Allu Arjun swirl his hand under his dense beard in the movie 'Pushpa: The Rise'.

Sporting beards have always been trendy and part of one’s appearance but not many are lucky to have the style they want as the genes we inherit from our parents go on to play a role in how we look. 

Who doesn’t want to grow a dense beard but is it possible to make your beard grow faster? Yes, there are ways to do that. This is the gist of this educational video by Dr John Watts, who is a noted hair and beard transplant surgeon in Hyderabad.

“Beard styles keep trending nowadays. Several brands cater to this niche market for those who want to grow their beards faster,” says Dr John Watts, who has performed over 1800+ hair and beard hair transplant surgeries.

While pointing out the role of heredity in the way one’s beard looks, Dr John Watts says that both beards and hairline appearance are closely linked to one’s genetic makeup borrowed from their parents.

“Generally, full beard features are seen in young adult men when they hit the age of 20 but even if by 24 years if they do not get the desired beard growth, they need to assess the condition with a blood test,” he informs.

In this educational video, he lists out three options by which beard density can be increased.

General Suggestions:

In his conclusion, he also lists out general suggestions like using warm water to wash the face as it is known to stimulate blood supply to the dermal papilla region that can speed up beard hair growth.

Eating lots of fruits and protein-rich food can help in faster beard hair growth. Similarly, using vitamin supplements is another method suggested by the noted hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad. 

However, he adds that one needs to analyse vitamin levels of B, C, D and A before they use supplements under medical supervision.

“If these techniques do not work and one still does not get the desired beard hair growth by the age of 27-28 years, beard hair transplantation is the only option left,” Dr John Watts signs off while requesting the viewers to share the educational video among their friends who are struggling with this issue.

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