Sudden Weight Loss = Hair Loss?

This is a paradox. When most people attempt weight reduction techniques to look good, drastic weight loss courses often result in hair loss. So, one may eventually shed some weight and improve the way they are visually perceived but it gets dented with thinning hair!

The ‘zero figure’ and ‘six-pack abs’ fads in women and men respectively can often be dangerous if drastic diet changes and impossible workouts are tried without expert supervision, leading to adverse consequences.

In this educational video by Dr John Watts, noted Hair Specialist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad enlightens his followers about the adverse side-effects of rapid weight loss programmes on hair and how one can do it right without causing damage to their hair.

“Weight loss can be opted if it is done in a healthy process. Otherwise, there is the possibility of hair loss if the former is undertaken without proper guidance,” says Dr John Watts, who has performed over 1900+ beard and hair transplants successfully.

Sudden Weight Loss: Consequences

When people resort to crash diet programmes for quick weight loss results without expert advice, there are drastic changes in our bodies. 

“Not having adequate nutrition will not meet the body’s requirements, leading to cutdown of nutrition that hair needs for growth while important organs get their supply,” explains Dr John Watts.

There is a likelihood that those experiencing the impact of nutritional deficiency on hair may realise the hair loss only later after they resume an adequate diet at a certain point.

“Sudden crash weight loss can make the hair get into a condition known as Telogen effluvium, a form of temporary hair loss,” adds Dr John Watts.

In general, new hair grows in place of the older hair going into the resting phase as part of a cyclic process. However, in the absence of adequate nutrition, new hair cannot grow. This process may potentially trigger baldness too!

If you want to know if rapid weight loss can lead to baldness. The answer is YES! Hair remaining in the resting phase without the growth of new hair will result in baldness when a condition like Telogen effluvium sets in 6-8 months after one’s crash diet course for weight loss.

“Hair loss can also be linked to bariatric surgery if it greatly impacts nutritional requirements and hair faces deficiency,” informs Dr John Watts in the video.

Right Weight Loss Technique:

Without opting for shortcuts, the slow and steady process of weight loss through a physical workout and balanced diet is the best method that can cause the least damage to hair, informs Dr John.

While suggesting a long process, the noted hair transplant expert in Hyderabad advises viewers to consult their nutritionist and gym trainer and plan a weight loss workout plan without compromising a balanced diet.

“Ideally one must aim at losing 2 kgs in a month or half kg in a week,” advises Dr John Watts.

If some of those watching this video who opted for shortcut weight loss does realise the hair loss phenomenon, Dr John Watts asks them not to panic.

“One must find out what stage of hair loss one is in. There is a need for proper analysis as the hair loss could be attributed to stress, hormonal issues besides nutritional or vitamin deficiency,” says Dr John Watts, while urging them to consult a hair expert in such a scenario.

If the hair loss is still in an early stage, with the right nutrition and balanced diet, the scene can be reversed. But, if it is too late, the only alternative could be to go for a hair transplant surgery, Dr John adds while urging viewers to share the view among their friends for awareness.

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