Top 6 Bad Hair Habits to Avoid | Dr John

Everyone wants to have healthy growing hair but our busy lifestyle makes us go for shortcuts that often turn disastrous in the long run. Taking proper hair care is important as preventive steps can help one to run into future problems that can also become a costly exercise.

In this educational video, Dr John Watts – a noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad – explores and highlights six bad hair habits that we need to avoid to have healthy and growing hair.

Bad Hair Habit 1#

Don’t Comb Wet Hair: Highlighting the first bad hair habit, Dr John Watts says that directly combing wet hair will have a negative impact. “Whether male or female, this is a bad habit that needs to be avoided as they result in hair breakage,” he said.

Bad Hair Habit 2#

Smartphone Addiction: Smartphone addiction is linked to hair health as it results in poor sleeping habits, which in turn result in poor hair health. The body needs sufficient rest to heal and release growth hormones for healthy hair growth. “Sleeping late in the night or sleeping only for a few hours disturbs our body clock. A study found that before the advent of the smartphone, we used to sleep for an average of 6-7 hours but it has changed,” said Dr John, asking the viewers to shun this habit.

Bad Hair Habit 3#

Experimenting with Different Hair Products: The greatest damage done to hair is when one experiments with different chemical-laced products for styling the hair. Sometimes they damage the scalp or cause widespread harm to hair. Especially, teenage boys and girls get addicted to this bad habit without knowing the future consequences. 

“One should avoid or minimise the use of chemical gels or hair masks as they cause more damage in the long run,” advised Dr John Watts.

Bad Hair Habit 4#

Unhealthy Eating Habits: Consuming unhealthy food equally is harmful to hair health and they too need to be avoided, advised Dr John.

Bad Hair Habit 5#

Traction Alopecia: Tightly braiding one’s hair in a ponytail by male or female may lead to traction alopecia, a type of hair loss. “You should avoid tight braiding of hair,” said Dr John.

Bad Hair Habit 6#

Combing Hair Hard Way: There is a threat of scalp injury if one combs the scalp too hard or very frequently. “The hair may break due to the pull or traction. The scalp too may sustain injuries,” said Dr John, while urging the viewers to avoid all these six bad hair habits.

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