Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Hyderabad Answers Your Queries

There has been an overwhelming response from viewers to Dr John Watts Youtube Channel with many raising queries about various hair and baldness related issues.

In this particular video titled Top Comments Part 3, noted dermatologist, trichologist and hair transplant surgeon in Hyderabad Dr John Watts answers a few queries raised by viewers in his last video ( ) where he discussed alternative options for those who cannot afford to undergo a hair transplant surgery.

The video generated a lot of comments from users. Out of which, Dr John Watts has handpicked a few of these questions and tried to answer some of the questions raised by viewers through this video.

Potharaju Vikram asks: “Does sex life get affected after a hair transplant? 

This question by the user attracts answers from other users to which Dr John Watts laughs them out, saying sex life has got nothing to do with a hair transplant procedure.

However, he acknowledged that very few using finasteride may show an impact on libido urge in the long run.

Venkatesh B from Vishakhapatnam asks: “I have a low hair fall problem. Shall I travel to Hyderabad to get treatment?

In his response, Dr John Watts says that for low levels of hair fall, he does not need to travel to Hyderabad to seek treatment.

“Instead, you may approach the local dermatologist in your area and seek treatment,” he replies.

P Durga Prasad asks: “Can you provide video proof of before and after hair transplant results?

In his response, Dr John Watts says that not all hair transplant patients give consent to showing their faces on camera. However, he has a video where several patients have given consent to be part of before and after results.

This video can be watched here.

Sai Krishna asks: “Can hair patches cause damage to the scalp?”

In his response, Dr John Watts says that generally either glue or a clip is used to fix the hair patch on the scalp. In general, there are no adverse side-effects for the patients but in exceptional instances, those with sensitive skin may face some issues with the use of glue in fixing hair patches.

“If there are any reactions, one must change the glue and go for any other alternative glue,” he says.

When it comes to the use of clips for fixing hair patches, he says that the place on the scalp where the clip is used may cause a very minor impact.

Ram Kumar asks: “Does hair transplants show any side effects?”

In his reply, Dr John Watts mentions that hair transplants are never the cause of any adverse side effects in general. 

However, he lists out a few normal side effects which are ‘common’ to all hair transplant patients. 

“There is induced swelling on the scalp that one may notice the next day after the hair transplant but it is very normal and the swelling may disappear in 4-5 days. This is an iatrogenic process that is done to protect any damage to the scalp,” he explains.

However, in some patients, the swelling on the scalp may sometimes stay as long as 1-2 months, but it happens in a very smaller number of patients and there is nothing to worry about as it disappears after some time.

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