Top 3 Secrets to Instantly Increase Hair Density

When you step out for a function, event or for that matter, attending a matrimonial meet, it is the dream of everyone to look the best version of oneself – well-dressed with a nice hairstyle and glowing dense hair!

Most of us are not endowed with natural dense hair growth due to various reasons such as hair loss due to hereditary factors, hormonal issues or age-related baldness that are often treatable with the right diagnosis.

In this short educational video by Dr John Watts, a well-known Hair Specialist in Hyderabad shares three secret tips for dense hair to help you instantly make your hair look dense – but temporarily.

Tip 1:  For instantaneous dense-looking hair, Dr John Watts suggests the use of any volumizing shampoos available in the market. These shampoos create a temporary illusion of dense and fuller hair, thanks to the natural water retention capacity of the hair.

The hair will also appear bouncy and glowing, adding to its advantages but these features stay for a temporary period only.

Naturally, soap nuts or Indian soapberries (kunkudukai) have volumizing properties to give your hair the dense look you are looking but there are other commercial shampoo brands (some of these brand names are mentioned in the video) available that will give you the same result. They are not too costly either!

Tip 2:  In the second tip mentioned by Dr John Watts, he suggests the use of hair fibre as they have the inherent quality to give your thinning hair instant thickness. However, this is again a temporary solution!

Hair fibres are a type of camouflaging agent (Dr John Watts mentions some brand names in the video) that help in covering up balding spots or thinning spots. Hair fibres contain static electricity charges that help them stick to one’s natural hair – a technique most often used by movie stars nowadays!

One of the advantages of using hair fibres – which are easily available in dermatology stores - is that they do not allow light to reflect from the balding spots and easily blend with your natural hair, thereby concealing one’s moderate hair loss areas.

Tip 3: The third secret that can add instant hair density is to use hair dyes as they have the inherent water absorption quality that gives your hair a fuller and dense look. However, this is again a temporary feature and Dr John Watts, who is regarded as one of the best hair transplant surgeons in Hyderabad, advises against excessive use of hair dyes.

“Overuse of hair dyes can lead to hair thinning,” he cautions.

Though all the above three tips provide temporary solutions, the bottom line is to find permanent hair loss solutions. At Trichos, we have the best hair experts in Hyderabad and offer a range of solutions for different hair loss causes, some of which could be related to heredity.

For more information concerning hair loss prevention for women, call Trichos hair experts today.

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